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Director Prabhakar Podakandla's Telugu movie Next Nuvve starring Aadi, Vaibhavi Shandilya, Rashmi Gautam, Brahmaji, has received mixed reviews and average ratings from the critics.

Next Nuvve is an official remake of hit Tamil horror comedy Yaamirukka Bayamey, which itself was based on the 1998 Korean film The Quiet Family. Prabhakar Podakandla has adapted this film with few changes in the screenplay to suit the taste of the Telugu audiences.

Next Nuvve story: Kiran (Aadi) who is in a bad financial state, learns from his father's will that he had left a resort for him to make a living. Kiran renovates, reopens the resort and moves in with his girlfriend Smita (Vaibhavi), a caretaker Sarat (Brahmaji ) and his sister (Rashmi Gautham). But he notices weird things happening in the resort as every guest dies mysteriously. How he unravels the mystery forms the crux of the story.

Analysis: Next Nuvve is a routine horror comedy film with some interesting twists and turns and high entertainment quotient. The director takes his own sweet time to establish the story and failed to execute a good plot in a convincing way, say the critics.

Performances: Aadi has tried his best to do justice to his role in Next Nuvve, but he has failed to emote well in some scenes. Vaibhavi Shandilya and Rashmi Gautam are good in their respective roles, but it is Brahmaji, who steals the show with his amazing comedy timing, say the critics.

Technical: Next Nuvve has good production value, background score, and visuals. 

We bring to you some critics' verdict and ratings for the film. 

AP Herald Rating: 2

Prabhakar has made a big mistake in almost every department, right from casting, where he could have chosen a better emoting hero than Aadi, a better music director as well. Besides, in an attempt to make the remake different from the original, Prabhakar has introduced several additional characters and scenes which totally work against the movie, and the movie is way behind the original Yaamirukka Bayamey in terms of humour quotient as well. All said, Next Nuvve had a better premise, but suffers due to poor execution and low humour.

123Telugu Rating: 2.75

Next Nuvve is yet another routine horror comedy which falls short of expectations. Though Brahmaji and Raghu Babu's comedy entertain in parts, the flat and abrupt proceedings may not appeal to a larger session of the audience. Those who like horror comedies and desperately want to watch a film this weekend, you can try this film out but go in with no expectations at all.

Times of India Rating: 1.5

Next Nuvve starts out on a promising note, keeping the viewers engaged for a while with Brahmaji's character arch, promising them a gem in midst of all the muck. But right before the interval, a silly and nonsensical explanation is provided, with a lot of edges left untied. The same carries through in the second half with numerous questions left unanswered, or worse, answered with silly tropes. In fact, one key question in the film is literally answered with a 'I don't know', no further explanation given!

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Tollywood Rating: 3

Next Nuvve is something different within the commercial format and provides potent dose of laughs to release the tension built up by the scares. There are number of exciting twists that keep the audiences glued to the screen, alternately roaring with laughter or shutting the eyes in terror. All in all, Next Nuvvu is a fun filled film.

Next Nuvve
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Chitramala Rating: 2.5

This movie takes the entire first half and another 10 minutes in second half just to establish and rest has a flashback and a climax which is mainly run with popular punch dialogues. Flashback looks silly as a love story between a guy and a ghost happens. If Prabhakar has concentrated more on script rather than routine comedy scenes, this film would have been something.