Need for Speed
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The next Need for Speed, a popular racing video game series from publisher EA is all set to be released by the end of March 2018, according to EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

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"We're also excited to have a new Need for Speed title launching in FY18," said Wilson. The FY18 begins on April 1, 2017 and ends on March 31, 2018.

Wilson said the next Need for Speed would focus more on the "innovation" and the developers are "pushing the boundaries of action driving." In what will get fans really excited, he promised that the upcoming game could be the "most exciting and best-looking Need for Speed game we've ever produced."

The last such Need for Speed video game was released was in 2015.

Previously, Ghost Games, the developer of Need for Speed had revealed that the game could be released in 2017. However, the delay could to be due to the "extended development cycle" that Wilson spoke about. But reports note that the developer might still release it in late 2017.

"We've given this game an extended development cycle to focus on innovation, and the Need for Speed team is pushing the boundaries of action driving with what we believe is the most exciting and best-looking Need for Speed game we've ever produced," IGN quoted Wilson as saying.

He also noted that the untitled new racer boasts "ambitious and more competitive online gameplay."

The last Need for Speed video game featured authentic body kits and customisation options with an open-world map but it had limited car selection and did not feature a manual gearbox option. More information is bound to trickle out in the months ahead.