Need for Speed, the simulated racing video game from developer Ghost Games, is all set to receive a new update called Icons, on 25 November.

Ghost Games has detailed in its post that the Icons update will be bringing neon lights, iconic cars, fixes bugs and other improvements.

One of the issues that has been widely affecting players the developer will be addressing in the upcoming update is the rubber-banding issue, where it will be balancing the AI Catch Up system.

It mentioned that it will be making changes to the AI behaviour that will lead to an overall improvement of the game. 

It highlighted that the update will be adding community events that will be located in the bottom left hand corner of the new tile on the main menu screen. The events are:

  • Bonus cash events will grant an increase in money
  • Discounts events will offer discounts on various in game items
  • Bonus REP events will reward you with more REP

One of the first events will be Performance Matters and it will start on 27 November, offering players 5% discount on all performance upgrades.

Two new Icon cars for no extra cost will be given out in the update, namely Ken Block's Hoonicorn and Morohoshi' Lamborghini Diablo SV.

Players will be able to flash their rivals with some cool neon lights that will be added to Morohoshi' Lamborghini Diablo SV only.

The update will also be adding a new colour picker (Colour Picker 2.0) with "recent colours, pre-set colours, recent materials, pre-set materials, and numerical values on the colour sliders" that will allow players to add more colours to the car's rims and the decals.

Mirror decals have been added in the update, this has been a result of fan feedback. So players will be able to add any layer from the left to the right side of the car or vice versa. It also works on side windows and side panels.

The Reputation (REP) will be increased from 50 to 60 allowing players to earn more REP.

The update will also see the addition of the following:

  • New Daily Challenge concentrating on Outlaw
  • Three new trophies and achievements: Fanboi â€“ Put any of the new icon cars in the garage; Iconoclast â€“ Win and event with each of the new icon cars; Mental Unblock â€“ Get 350,000 Drift Score in Mental Block using Ken's Car
  • Thirty new wraps that can be used on variety of cars.
  • Number of bug fixes, tweaks and adjustments to the some features in the game.

Need for Speed was released on 3 November for PS4 and Xbox One, where players burn their tyres in the fictional city of Ventura Bay.