Season 3 of "Newlyweds: The First Year" is just three episodes in, and fans are already too invested in the lives of the four couples whose first year of marriage will be broadcast by Bravo in the coming weeks. While Brandon Liberati and Craig Ramsay made news as a gay couple with a Mormon background, Rochelle and Rob paved their way into the audience's hearts as the adorable mixed-race couple.

The wedding and honeymoon period of the couples were covered in the first two episodes of the show, and while Tara & Rob and Erica & Adonis faced some issues at the outset, the real marital problems are only just beginning.

Tara comes from a large Persian family, and Rob — 22 years her senior — finds it hard to come to terms with that. Tara's anxiety of flying had even caused them to cancel their honeymoon to Italy, which they will both have to move past as a couple.

Erica and Adonis, on the other hand, got married despite the latter's confession that he has slept with 14 prostitutes. Most fans believe she may have some ulterior motive to marry him. It remains to be seen if their marriage will stand the test of time.

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In the upcoming season, we will see wannabe power couple Rob and Ro getting into an argument about her job. Rob is a lawyer from New York, while Ro is in corporate retail fashion. She feels she is in a dead-end job and lets out steam by telling Rob she cannot remember the last time she thought she had a great day at work. She tells the cameras her dream is to become a fashion journalist.

Rob is quick to assume Ro is planning on leaving her job without any back-up plan, and worries all of their financial burden would fall on him. Meanwhile, Ro is offended he thought she would jump the gun and change jobs without thinking about them as a couple, and tells Rob she thought they would have each other's backs when it came to making a difficult decision.

Rob's reply to that was: "This is New York City. Honestly, in some ways, you are just another pretty face." The statement definitely annoyed his wife, and it remains to be seen how the couple moves past this cavalier statement from Rob and makes a rational decision as a couple.

Watch Season 3 Episode 3 of "Newlyweds: The First Year" which will air at 10 pm (EST) on Wednesday, 13 January. You can also live-stream it via BravoTV Live.