The German police warned the public that several suicide bombers of the Islamic State were planning to launch a terror attack in Munich on New Year's Eve on Thursday, and evacuated at least two train stations in the city. 

The Munich police are now hunting for up to seven Isis terrorists behind the plot after receiving "concrete information... that there are possible plans for terror attacks in Munich, specifically against the main train station and the railway station in Pasing."

Most cities in Europe and in other countries were on alert for terror threats on New Year's Eve, with Brussels calling off festivities altogether, while London and Paris increasing security at popular venues. 

The German police have warned citizens in Munich to stay away from crowded places in light of the terror threat.

"There is the danger of an attack in the area of Munich, please keep away from crowds, avoid the central station and the rail station pasing," the police said through its official Twitter account. 

The interior minister of the state of Bavaria, Joachim Herrmann, said that the intelligence input was received from a foreign security service, according to Deutsche Welle. Some German media reports said that french authorities had passed on the alert.