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Upcoming Flipkart exclusive phone will disrupt the mobile market of IndiaFlipkart Website (Screen-grab)

Flipkart is teasing an impending launch of a big-branded smartphone coming to India exclusively on its e-commerce site later this month.

The company's CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy appeared on the official video via Flipkart's Twitter handle and said that a new mobile device will be unveiled April 17 to disrupt the smartphone market in India.

Flipkart is also promising that prospective customers of the upcoming phone will get extensive insurance coverage so that they can live with less worry about protecting the device from any physical damage.

"Meaningful partnerships drive a successful business. Flipkart's philosophy of customer-centricity and true long-term partnerships has transformed the way India buys a mobile phone. We're proud to enter into an exclusive partnership with tech giant, to disrupt the mobile phone landscape in a 'Big' way. Get ready for 2 'Big' announcements soon," Krishnamurthy said in the teaser clip.

Flipkart, new, mobile, exclusive
Prospective consumers of the Flipkart exclusive phone are entitled to get extensive insurance coverageFlipkart Website (Screen-grab)

Other than Huawei, no mobile brands have teased any new phone coming to India. However, we are sure that Flipkart's teaser is unlikely to be related to Huawei P20 series as the device is a high-end and will be expensive. Flipkart is claiming it will disrupt the mobile market, which means the device is more likely to be budget or a mid-range phone that will find traction in a price-conscious market like India.

Flipkart new mobile phone coming on April 17, 2018Flipkart (@Flipkart) /Twitter

OnePlus too is teasing the OnePlus 6 features, but it has not officially confirmed the launch date of the Android flagship ( most likely in May).

Some of the comments in the Flipkart's Twitter page suggested that it might be the Motorola brand. But, the company has confirmed to host the product launch event in Brazil on April 19. So, this rules out the possibility of Moto G6 coming on Flipkart next week.

Is it Google's rumored mid-range Pixel phone?

Another theory that is circulating in the tech circle is Google's mid-range Pixel phone. It fits the bill to disrupt the Indian mobile industry. Also, Flipkart has been long been a partner of Google to exclusively sell Pixel phones and also, the recently launched Google Home smart speakers.

Flipkart exclusive phone will come with extensive insurance coverageFlipkart (@Flipkart)/Twitter

But, the mid-range Pixel is rumored to debut around July and August.

It looks like we just have to wait for a couple more days to know what Flipkart has in store for fans in India.

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