Following leaks in the January 2016 issue of CoroCoro magazine, the "discovery" of new Pokemon Volcanion that is currently not available on any of the Pokemon video games has now been confirmed.

The Pokemon Company revealed the existence of Pokemon Volcanion, which belongs to the Fire and Water type and has the "Water Absorb" ability. It is the first ever Pokemon that belongs to the Fire and Water type.

The Pokemon Company notes in an official post that Pokemon Volcanion uses fire and water to create steam within its body. It can discharge shock waves and boiling steam using the ring-like structure on its back. It is believed that it has the power to "blow away an entire mountain".

It is not yet known if the Pokemon can evolve into any other form of Pokemon. The Pokemon Company has said further details of Volcanion will be "coming soon".

Have a look at this new Pokemon Volcanion via this video:

Pokemon Shuffle new events revealed

Meanwhile, Pokemon Shuffle, the freemium puzzle video game on Nintendo 3DS and mobile platforms, is getting some new events, according to a post in Serebii.

Here is the list of new events:

Special Mewtwo Stage: This stage was started to celebrate 5 million downloads of Pokémon Shuffle Mobile. This event will be running until 19 January, 2016. Players of Pokemon Shuffle Mobile do not have to go through this stage as it is given to them outright.

Regirock Stage: This is a repeated stage that will be running on both Pokemon Shuffle and Pokemon Shuffle Mobile. It will be running until 18 December.

Registeel stage: This event is being held from 18 December and will be running until 22 December.

Regice stage: This event is being held from 22 December to 28 December.

Regigigas stage: This new event has started on both Pokemon Shuffle and Pokemon Shuffle Mobile. It is a special stage and players will be able to catch Regigigas easily provided they have Regirock, Regice and Registeel in the team. This stage will be running until 28 December.

Mega Garchomp stage: This stage is having a repeat run on Pokemon Shuffle, but is on Pokemon Shuffle Mobile for the first time. Players who are on the top 50,000 in Japan, 18,000 in the US and 12,000 players in Europe will receive a Garchompite. They will get a Jewel if the already have Mega Garchomp. Those players who are in top 5,000 in Japan, 1,800 in the US and 1,200 in Europe will get Mega Speed Up. Those players who do not qualify but are in the top 80,000 in Japan, 30,000 in the US and 20,000 in Europe, will get an Attack Power Up. Other players will be getting Disruption Delay.

For those on the Pokemon Shuffle Mobile, players need to be in the top 100,000 players for the Garchompite, top 20,000 players get a Mega Speedup, top 140,000 players get an Attack Power and a Jewel. Also, other players will also get a Jewel.