Many consumers can't live without smartphones
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Many professionals and entrepreneurs find it annoying to use personal mobile numbers when dealing with clients and customers. Getting a new number or phone might not be an option for some as it will set them back by a couple of dollars.

This is the rationale behind the new messaging app called OpenPhone. Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Mahyar Raissi said the idea stemmed from his and his co-founder's personal experience of running a family business while putting their personal numbers out there just to be bothered by some random people.

"Most of our users were using their personal phone numbers for business and they absolutely hated that," Raissi told TechCrunch. "They'd have to put their numbers online or give it out to strangers. This meant getting constant calls when they were spending time with their families or when they were busy doing work."

He added that the professional appeal of business numbers also contributed well to the success of a business.

How OpenPhone Works

Basically, the OpenPhone app adds a second phone number on top of an existing mobile device. Users can get either a local or toll-free phone number in the United States or Canada. If one has an existing business number, it can be ported to the OpenPhone app without a fee. AS soon as setup is done, the OpenPhone app is good to go.

Some of its features include unlimited call and text in the U.S. and Canada and voicemail with transcription. It works wherever there is an internet connection.

While the app is free to download, users will have to pay for monthly or annual subscriptions to take full advantage of its features. Rates start at $9.99 per month. Nevertheless, users can still avail of the seven-day free trial to see if the app suits one's needs.

The OpenPhone app is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play Store.