NASA launches Android App
NASA launches Android AppGoogle Play

NASA has just released an app through which it will provide more information on International Space Stations. The new app will be able to provide information on ISS research & developments, facilities and results through interactive photos, videos with an in-depth description.

The new app features a new experimental section, which contains six categories with their respective sub-categories. In the experiment section, each experiment will be mentioned with dots and each dot connecting to the system will depict the time duration NASA spent on the experiments.

Users can go through each menu to discover information on each experiment under each category and sub-categories. And with each discovery, users will be able to view links, images and publications on availability basis.

The facility section of the app will be able to provide information regarding Human Health, Earth Benefits and Global Education. The media section will provide access to three sub-categories -- Podcast, Games and Videos. The Game section will allow users to know the differences in gravity by tossing a ball.

Podcast section will contain several links to NASA science casts and videos with related links.

The app currently features over 13,000 images with all latest news and features stories, latest on demand NASA videos from around the agency, current NASA mission Information, live streaming of NASA TV, launch information & countdown clocks, current visible passes for the International Space Station (ISS) and notifications, ISS and Earth orbiting satellite trackers, NASA TV and what's on your TV schedules, map, information and links to all of the NASA visitor centers, featured content and program sections and Third Rock Radio (alternative rock radio station).

Understanding the current rage of social media the app also includes NASA Twitter Feeds from around the agency, Facebook Connect and integrated Twitter client for easy sharing and Favorites and image bookmarks