Rockstar's newest GTA in town, GTA 5, is known for a host of things, including the number of improvements and enhanced features that were introduced to the game that were previously unheard of.

However, nothing has gained more traction among fans as the inclusion of several types of mods into the game that let you do things that even the original game doesn't.

Talking about the mods for GTA 5, there are host of those around including the most popular ones that allow users to unlock previously locked building, flood the entire city, employ a gravity gun to create more pandemonium and more. Now there's a brand new mod for the game that may not offer so many features, but makes the game quite the eye-candy.

Reddit user Toddyftw is working on his own mod, called the Toddyhancer, which will make the overall graphics of the game even more lifelike and photorealistic than it already is. The goal of this new mod is to actually reach a level of realism that will make it hard for gamers to tell reality from the game.

According to the modder, the mod is still in progress, although he has shared a few screenshots of how it could look like on final release. And going by the initial screenshots, it does seem like the mod is coming along pretty fine at this point.

Stay tuned for more updates. 

[Source: Gamingbolt]