Gears of War 3
Gears of War 3

Recent reports suggest that the new Gears of War, being developed by Black Tusk Studios, will not be coming to Xbox 360. 

However, there is still no information on how the new Gears of War will be or when can we get anything official related to it.

The inquiry about the game coming to Xbox 360 was put up on Twitter; the company reacted promptly, quashing all hopes and expectations that fans might have been harbouring.

The decision wil surely be criticised by a few, but there's no real way to blame Microsoft if it's planning on continuing one of its most iconic franchises on its new-gen console.

At this point, Microsoft is investing on the Xbox One and wants you to do the same. It's a business strategy; the company will definitely try to entice as many fans as possible into buying the console, just relying on the GoW experience and player sentiment. But maybe it is better that the company comes out with this soon to check the silly expectations of all those who still might not be able to afford a new console.

The new Gears of War is still some time away from going fully official. However, you can check out our list of changes and improvements that might happen to the game that will need to live up to the franchise. We are still awaiting a specific release date for the new Gears of War.