Gears of War Judgment
Gears of War 4 arriving in 2015?

Xbox exclusive game series Gears of War is expected to make a swift, expected comeback into the industry with more reports claiming everyday how a new game in the series is in the offing. 

Arriving exclusively for Xbox One, Gears of War 4 still hasn't got an official release date. However, there is expectation that the game will come around soon, after it was revealed that the development for the game will now be carried out by Black Tusk Studios, according to a KPopStarz report.

And since the previous Gears games in the series did well, there's no reason why Microsoft will let go of one of its major exclusive titles that has become immensely popular among fans and critics. Accordingly, here's a look at few of the changes and additions discussed for the game.

Only Available for Xbox One

As expected, the new Gears of War will be an Xbox exclusive. However, there's bad news, as the game will only be developed for Xbox One, and there's really no probability of it heading over to the previous generation Xbox 360 anytime soon. While Microsoft cannot be blamed for wanting to carry on the legacy of one of its top gaming series on its newest platform, the Xbox 360 faithful will surely take a bit of offence.

Homecoming Characters

Like the number after the game suggests, the next Gears game should follow the usual chronological order of the previous titles in the series. Aside everything else, there's now a big chance that we will finally be set for some kind of a re-union with the previous GoW characters that may have been left behind for some reason or the other. Nonetheless, expect Marcus Fenix and company to be around, if not playable, at least as NPCs since they are almost integral to the series.

A More Serious Game

If we are to go by the previously released Gears of War – Mad World trailer, expect a much darker and serious story this time around. There will be new darker elements this time that might have to do something with either the protagonist or the main villain. We have seen the kind of wonders a darker playing scenario is capable of. So let's see the devs throw in the same kind of in-game environment into the latest and upcoming Gears game.

Unprejudiced Multiplayer Additions (Weapons)

If there's one thing that needs to be changed in the upcoming Gears of War 4, it is the balance that we usually see in the additions that are, or have been, made to the multiplayer aspect of things. For instance, all the weapons on the multiplayer should be toned up or down to strike a near-perfect balance so that no one has the upper hand over others in a deathmatch scenario. This might involve some work from Black Tusk in implementing this, but if done right, this could add an extra level of challenge into the mode.

New Execution Styles

Players and fans have found enough joy via kind-of-executions they are able to perform for each game. The fan favourite remains the Gnasher Shotgun, the cam fitted with a buzzsaw, plus the ability to mash enemies' head into a pulp with just boots. While they all sound good enough and are expected to make a comeback in the new game, fans are also expecting newer execution styles to be added to the game for enhanced gore. We have no idea what the new execution styles might be like but they have to be original and involve a lot of blood and decapitations.

Better Use of the Cover System

One of the most defining elements of the Gears titles in the series lies in the combat cover system. This allows to shoot and take cover from enemies. All of the previous GoW titles have used the element well, but it is high time to raise the bar a bit. For instance, devs could take cue from the likes of Mass Effect 3 and introduce a cover system that also allows players to shoot enemies from behind protective barricades.