Nowadays, OTT platforms are the primary source of entertainment, and it appears as though we are gradually becoming addicted to them. At the same time, OTT platforms generate significant income through subscriptions.

The restrictions imposed by the coronavirus shutdown, along with the public response to earlier OTT releases, have turned streaming platforms into a successful business. Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, Zee5, SonyLiv, and Amazon Prime all release new movies and web series regularly in nearly every language.

International Business Times presents you with the top five OTT releases this week:


Never Back Down Revolt

An amateur fighter is recruited by a human trafficking ring specialised in elite subterranean combat, where her violent captor forces her to fight or face probable death.

Never Back Down: Revolt is a Kellie Madison-directed action drama martial arts film written and directed by Audrey Arkins. It is the fourth instalment in the Never Back Down film franchise. On November 16, it will be available on Amazon Prime.

Nitu Chandra Srivastava, an actress from India, is slated to make her Hollywood debut in Never Back Down: Revolt. It also has prominent performances by Michael Bisping, Brooke Johnston, Diana Hoyos, and James Faulkner.

Nitu recently revealed her audition process for Never Back Down: Revolt, said, "I saw Will Smith's Bad Boys at a Sony Motion Pictures special screening in 2019. At the screening, I met and spoke with the film's producer. I told him I'm a 4th Dan Taekwondo blackbelt." And all I said was, "You won't regret this opportunity."

She added "A few minutes later, the producer assigned me the part and told the writer to construct Jaya's character with my skills in mind. I've wanted to do a hardcore action picture since I was a kid, and it's surreal to start my Hollywood career with one."

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

While the year is drawing to a close and the Christmas season approaches, the next episode of The Princess Switch series is gearing up to offer the joy and spirit of the season.

Vanessa Hudgens fans are ecstatic to see her in The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star as Princess Stacy of Belgravia, Queen Margaret of Montenaro, and Lady Fiona Pembroke.

On November 18, Netflix will begin streaming the film.

The band of doppelgangers is reunited in this romantic comedy when Stacy and Margaret co-host a party. During the party, a rare Vatican relic is stolen. Stacy and Margaret rapidly understand that resolving the riddle and reclaiming it will require the assistance of someone who can think like a criminal.

They recruit Fiona's help and organise a robbery to reclaim it and avoid a diplomatic disaster. Since Fiona was arrested for her crimes in the second film, it's unclear why the royal family resort to her for assistance.

Hudgens denied playing the fourth lookalike, saying: "No, that's crazy. I'd go insane if I attempted to add another me, even if it was Scottish since I adore that accent and it would be a perfect excuse to learn the Scottish dialect. No way."

Prince Edward of Belgravia and Stacy's husband is played by Sam Palladio and Kevin who is Stacy's former business colleague and Margaret's husband is played by Nick Sagar.


Churuli is a science fiction thriller film directed and co-produced by Lijo Jose Pellissery in Malayalam. Chemban Vinod, Joju George, Vinay Forrt, and Jaffer Idukki star in the film.

Just like in the Malayalam film Jallikattu, director Lijo Jose worked again with writer S Hareesh. Filming took place in High Range, Kerala, months before the Coronavirus epidemic, according to actor Vinay Fort.

A hilly setting is implied by the trailer as well as men roaming wild in the dark woods. In the clip, a lady tells a folktale. It's a storey about a forest phantom who enjoys misdirecting people. Perumadan is the ghost. Either way, Brahmin's goal to capture Perumadan fails. He has no idea.

From previous Lijo Jose films, you expect it to be dark and mysterious. Enjoy the film's fun, comedy, and terrifying sequences. In this world, phones don't function, there's no technology, and there's no TV. People had fun with their toddy and swearing.

'Churuli' had its international debut earlier this year at the 25th International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK). Churuli will now make its direct premiere on November 19 on SonyLIV.


On the fifth anniversary of India's abrupt and contentious decision to demonetize high-value currency notes in 2016, Disney+ Hotstar unveiled the hilarious teaser for their forthcoming film Cash (2021).

In the trailer, we meet ambitious entrepreneur Armaan Gulati (Amol Parashar). Armaan finds a perfect opportunity to accomplish his aspirations when the government eliminates Rs500 and Rs1,000 currency notes. Amol is looking for a means to clean the black money. Will he and his colleagues be able to launder money?

The comic drama film is directed by Rishab Seth and stars Amol Parashar in the major role as Armaan, as well as Gulshan Grover, Smriti Kalra, and Kavin Dave in supporting parts.

The trailer's tone is whimsical, indicating that, despite the film's serious subject matter, director Rishab Seth has decided to tackle this tragic event in a lighthearted manner.

The film contains a lot of odd individuals whose lives alter radically the following demonetization with some humorous repercussions, according to director Rishab. "Cash is a movie about entrepreneurship. The video focuses on those who saw demonetization as a chance to expand their enterprises as most others struggled to rescue their black money."

From 19 November, the film will be streamed on Disney+ Hotstar.


Dhamaka is a new action thriller film set to premiere on Netflix on November 19. The film, directed by Ram Madhvani, is a remake of the 2013 South Korean thriller The Terror Live.

An unscrupulous journalist gets an urgent call on his radio programme, seeing an opportunity for a career return — but it may cost him his morality. He gets threatened after interviewing a terrorist who blew up a bridge.

The actor offers a thought-provoking speech in the brief clip on how much one is prepared to sacrifice to gain success, money, and power.

Originally, the filmmakers expected to film the movie in 10 days, whereas the timeline called for 45–50 days. Outdoor action scenes were shot. On the last day of the production, a roof-top scenario with a helicopter was set up on a green screen in desert terrain.

Apart from Aaryan, Mrunal Thakur, Amruta Subhash, Vikas Kumar, and Vishwajeet Pradhan also appear in the film.