Lakshmi Manchu, Rakul Preet Singh
Collage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

Netizens have come down heavily upon actresses Lakshmi Manchu and Rakul Preet Singh over their comments on the hot pre-look of Madhura Sreedhar's film Fashion Designer S/O Ladies Tailor.

Director Vamsy is making his comeback with Fashion Designer S/O Ladies Tailor, which is a sequel to Rajendra Prasad's 1986 film Ladies Tailor. Sumanth Ashwin is playing the hero in this comedy movie while Manali Rathod, Anisha Ambrose and Manasa Himavarsha appear in the female leads

Madhura Sreedhar‏, who is producing Fashion Designer S/O Ladies Tailor, took to his Twitter account on March 31 and released the pre-look of the movie. Besides, the filmmaker also wrote: "Dear Friends! Here is the Pre-Look of Vamsy's FASHION DESIGNER s/o LADIES TAILOR. Thank you! First Look very soon!!! #FashionDesigner."

The pre-look of Fashion Designer S/O Ladies Tailor grabbed many eyeballs in no time and sparked a debate on social media. Lakshmi Manchu was quick to respond to Madhura Sreedhar. She retweeted his post and asked: "When will we stop objectifying women like this. :(" Rakul Preet joined her and wrote: "True ! N then we talk about messages that film send out!"

In reply, Madhura Sreedhar‏ offered apology for the poster and assured her that he would make note of her point. The producer tweeted: "I am sorry andi.... it's not intentional.... just depicted this pre-look from a sequence in the movie. Will surely take your point. Thank u!"

But the comments of Lakshmi Manchu and Rakul Preet Singh did not go well with the netizens, ripped the actresses apart. In their comments, they suggested that the two actresses should correct themselves and their family members before correcting others. They also shared some photos and videos featuring them in objectionable way. Interestingly most people, who blasted them, belonged to female community.

Anitha dakamarri: Lol... do you remember the short film u took with #RGV .A day of in the life of Lakshmi Manchu's feet.Look at that first and then comment.

Anoop putta‏: Why don't u first ask ur dad and brothers first? Google their movies and u can count how many times they did the same...

Gandra Goddali: Says the producer of "Jhummandi Naadam" who never objectified Taapsee and the actress of "Pareshanu Raa". Great going No hypocrisy at all

Rasna: When your family cracks vulgar jokes on brahmins n their wives and call it comedy, pre looks like these shouldn't actually surprise u

Amar Donda: What about your brothers? Are they doing spiritual movies? First of all be correct while correcting others.

Madhu Bejawada: Paapa Rakul remind your movies at start of your career. Don't Show off here

Ramesh Chennupati: What did you show in pareshanu ra song?? Why didnt you wear saree for the song ??