When it comes to fighting a global crisis every little bit counts. Many celebrities across the country have been pitching in to help the Government combat the pandemic. This includes Bollywood, sports personalities and South film stars. As usual, there will some who'll pitch in a little more than others.

As comparisons have become the fad, looking at who has contributed more money than another, it's bringing backlash to those who haven't donated and those who've donated lesser. Bollywood's Khan royalty have been the ones facing the brunt of the criticism. Salman Khan, however, announced that he will be supporting 25000 daily wage workers during this difficult time.

Salman Khan
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Twitter slams Bollywood Khans for not donating to PM's Care Fund

During times of crisis when a star contributes, it becomes a big deal. How much that celebrity does will become a talking point. Lately, with Coronavirus causing a global crisis, celebrities are being brought to the frontline as far as helping out goes.

Many celebrities took the initiative to donate to the Indian Government's relief fund. The Southern superstars in the country were among the first to come forward and donate generously like Mahesh Babu and Prabhas. Even in Bollywood, some actors have been eager to contribute like Akshay Kumar who donated a whopping INR 25 crores. 

What's happening because of this is the unfair comparison of who is doing more than another in terms of money. So the ones who are not contributing as much are getting flak. Here it isn't the thought that counts, and it's not the action that's up for debate either. Bollywood's greats, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Aamir Khan are drawing numerous glares online for not contributing and keeping mum on the matter.




It doesn't matter what they have done or the causes they have supported in the past. This one time of keeping silent will be the highlight. Even if Bollywood stars have been campaigning for awareness, asserting the importance of taking precautions, they can only be taken at face value if they put their money where their mouth is. Such is the perception online.

Salman Khan supports 25,000 daily wage workers

Salman Khan has been known for his charity in the past. Amidst Twitter's outcry, the actor adopted the actions speak louder than words approach. The outbreak has hit the daily wage workers in the country harder than anybody else who survive on their daily earnings which will dry up due to the lockdown.

Celebrities have been vocal about supporting the workers, and the poor at this difficult time. Whether it's through social media or through donations. Salman Khan vowed to support 25,000 daily wage workers in the film industry who will be among the hardest hit during the crisis. In this fight against the virus, every small step counts.