Netgear launches ProSAFE WC7600 Premium Wireless Controller in India
Netgear launches ProSAFE WC7600 Premium Wireless Controller in IndiaNetgear

NETGEAR Inc has extended its business-class wireless product lineup ProSAFE by launching another enterprise segment wireless controller WC7600 in India. The NETGEAR ProSAFE WC7600 premium wireless controller has been designed specifically to offer easy-to-deploy access for mid-sized SMB's, healthcare and educational institutions etc.

The ProSAFE WC7600 Wireless Controller is also capable to manage the complete line of NETGEAR ProSAFE Managed Access Points. Designed with simplicity for management and ease of use, it offers enterprise-grade functionality and capability for small to mid-sized organisations. The WC7600 also offers scalable, secure mobile access solution, a highly required solution for small organisations with dozens to several thousand of concurrent clients.

With its Ufast protocol, the WC7600 delivers ultra-fast access point discovery, Layer 2 and Layer 3 fast roaming, a captive portal for guest access, a fully distributed architecture, and ease of configuration and management. A pay-as-you go licensing model has also been featured with ten access point license to ensure the organisation pays only when required.

"Our customers in hospitality, education and healthcare are looking for solutions that enable them to add more users to the networks very quickly and easily, in denser deployment scenarios. NETGEAR ProSAFE WC7600 helps meet these needs, for high performance, flexibility and ease of use along with support for the complete range of NETGEAR PROSAFE Managed Access Points to better support the increasing BYOD trend and demand for wireless connectivity", said Subhodeep Bhattacharya, regional director, India & SAARC.

NETGEAR ProSAFE WC7600 premium wireless controller is available through selective NETGEAR distributors in India at an MRP of Rs 1,95,000 with lifetime product warranty.