The I-Land series
The I-Land/Netflix

Known for streaming some of the best science-fiction shows, such as Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy, Netflix has been under the barrage of criticism lately due to its latest I-Land. With the series joining the list of the lowest-rated titles on Rotten Tomatoes, the streaming platform's list of misfires has only become longer. 

The I-land series revolves around a group of people who are left stranded on an island with their memories erased. They soon come to realise that the world like they perceive it, is not its reality. 

The plot might intrigue some of the LOST series fans. It also has a resemblance with the Maze Runner storyline. But that was not enough to rescue the series from being shredded on the critics' reviews portal Rotten Tomatoes, where it currently has a 0% rating out of 9 reviews. 

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It is common for a studio to stumble and release bad flicks but it is still surprising to see the Netflix limited series receive such hate from almost all critics, even outside RT. This surely puts the network in a bad light with its recent decisions, especially after the unexpected cancellation of the fan-favourite and critically acclaimed original series, The OA. 

Popular entertainment portal Collider pointed out that I-Land is currently being called the worst show of 2019 with critics stating that the show has poor dialogues and obvious similarities to the LOST series. The plot makes little to no sense and it seems to generally be a badly made series.

Other movies in the past have also received 0 ratings on RT such as London Fields starring Amber Heard. Its certainly not the only title but could be the only series at the moment.

It is a wonder how Netflix even decided to give a green light to the series. It is evident that I-Land will soon join the list of the network's cancelled shows. But thankfully, binge-watchers can look forward to several other upcoming sci-fi shows like Altered Carbon.

I-Land stars Kate Bosworth, Natalie Martinez, and Alex Pettyfer and is currently streaming on Netflix.