Netflix The OA

Earlier in August, it was revealed that The OA series, a Netflix original which began in 2016, was axed after just two seasons, with the final episode ending on a cliffhanger. The incident caused an immense outcry, which even led to a hunger strike. 

Fans held on to their hopes when there were talks with creators Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij for a two-hour movie to give The OA it's much deserved ending. Unfortunately, even that did not come to fruition and cast members have already been released from their contracts.

It seems likely this is the end of the road for The OA with possibilities of a reunion being very slim. But that is not stopping fans of the show from organizing a protest on Twiter with the hashtag "SaveTheOA and CancelNetflix".

One particular video went out of its way to persuade Netflix subscribers to cancel their accounts by stating show cancellations as the reason behind the customers' exit. You can check out the tweets below. The protest campaign does not seem to be slowing down, with more users voicing their disappointment.

Prior to the backlash, Netflix was being praised by other fandoms for saving TV shows such as Lucifer and Designated Survivor. Both series were victims of cancellation by their earlier networks.

It must also be noted that Netflix, yet again, cancelled Designated Survivor after just a new season. Whereas, Lucifer has been revived for the final season 5.

Netflix is certain to have heard fans' plea over The OA's cancellation but could it still be saved? only time will tell.