Ajith Kumar and Vidya Balan in Nerkonda Paarvai
Ajith Kumar and Vidya Balan in Nerkonda Paarvai.PR Handout

Ajith Kumar's Nerkonda Paarvai has opened to positive reviews from film critics and cinephiles. The movie is being hailed for the content with solid performances from Ajith as well as other artistes in H Vinoth-directorial flick.

Nerkonda Paarvai will release on 8 August, but the makers of the film organised a special premiere for press and film enthusiasts on Tuesday, 6 August. People, who have watched the film, have stated that the makers have tweaked the content to suit the sensibilities of the Tamil audience without diluting the content.

It is the Tamil remake of hit Hindi movie Pink. H Vinoth has funded the movie, which is produced by Bollywood's leading producer Boney Kapoor.

Nerkonda Paarvai story deals around three modern women who are falsely accused of a crime. It tries to expose regressed mindset of the people, who judge women based on their dress. Ajith plays the role of a lawyer who comes to their rescue.

Check out their comments below:

Sreedhar Pillai: #NerkondaPaarvai Powerful a reflection on the patriarchal mindset independent women faces in our society. Hats off to #ThalaAjith 4 doing such a daring & difficult role so convincingly, @ShraddhaSrinath fab. Dir #HVinoth a faithful & neat remake with some commercial ingredients.

sridevi sreedhar: #NerKondaPaarvai : A remake which works big time #HVinoth has added a bit of masala to make it work with #Thala fans ..
@ShraddhaSrinath and the other two girls A well made engaging film in Tamil cinema @BoneyKapoor

Frank: Watched a premiere show of a film called #NerKondaPaarvai in Singapore. I'm an American and I have no idea about this film. What's the actor name? Man he was very good. Very much resembles George clooney. Anyway loved the film. Good story. #NerkondaPaarvaiWorldPremiere

Surendhar MK: #NerKondaPaarvai: 2019 has turned out to be the most memorable year for #ThalaAjith and his legion of loyal fans. #IndustryHitViswasam followed by a career-best performance now has revived a fantastic momentum for the actor
#NerKondaPaarvai will be a game-changing film for Tamil cinema if it hits the right chord at the boxoffice. It will let other top stars examine their choice of films and open up the market. #ThalaAjith leads the way this time with his choice of #Pink remake. Topical decision!
#NerKondaPaarvai: Loved all the dialogues from the second half in the courtroom scenes. Sensibly and very thoughtfully written by Vinoth. Progressive, bold lines and to hear it from #ThalaAjith's majestic baritone just stole the show Liked the minute touches to his role.
#NerKondaPaarvai (3.75/5) is easily #ThalaAjith's career-best work. While he quietly lets others take centrestage in the 1st half, he completely steals the show in the second half with his lionlike performance. Takes guts for an actor of his stature to do a film like this

Kaushik LM: #NerKondaPaarvai - 3.75/5.. Spl. mention to opposing lawyer
@RangarajPandeyR, BB #AbhiramiVenkatachalam, Arjun Chidambaram,
@Adhikravi , the actor playing the judge, Andrea Tariang and all the other support actors. Topnotch!
And, @ShraddhaSrinath
A fitting answer to all those who wished to see #Thala #Ajith in a strong content based film. He does it so well. Sema characterization - Bharath Subramaniam, mass and powerful
Courtroom scenes - thought provoking & fiery. Clapworthy moments galore
A razor sharp 2nd half with super hard-hitting dialogs.. Dir #HVinoth pulls off this remake with flying colors. A really sensitive subject, and he does the tightrope walk like a boss.
#Thala #Ajith's best performance in recent times. He owns 2019

Sathish Kumar M: #NerkondaPaarvai A Faithful remake of #Pink with very few scenes for #Thala in the first half & comes throughout the second half with
Kudos to #Thala for giving more importance to script and acting in a film which conveys much needed message to the society.
#NerkondaPaarvai A Faithful remake of #Pink with very few scenes for #Thala in the first half & comes throughout the second half with
Kudos to #Thala for giving more importance to script and...
#NerKondaPaarvai first half - #Thala action scenes in the pre-interval will be the major plus for the film. A perfect treat for Thala fans.
Waiting for #Thala mass court oriented scenes in the second half.

Sidhu: #NerKondaPaarvai: I like the way the film is different from #Pink in its courtroom scenes; the situations have been carefully tweaked with some more fire in the words. And this is where #ThalaAjith gets it bang on, with his fiery voice contributing big!
#NerKondaPaarvai: Nifty, neatly executed drama. Big man #ThalaAjith upholds the film with his majestic & powerful performance, with great support from Vinoth's splendid paperwork in the latter half. Some slips here and there but overall very good!
#NerKondaPaarvai Interval: Great stuff. Vinoth slowly builds up the intensity using his supporting cast, and hands over the baton to #ThalaAjith at the halfway mark. Nice tweaks to the original, and
@thisisysr is doing the right thing!

Rajasekar: #NerKondaPaarvai first half - mass & class in right proportions. The pre-interval action episode is going to be a treat for #ThalaAjith fans @thisisysr
BGM ) Good tweak to the star's characterization (intelligent move by Vinoth ) compared to the original @SrBachchan's role
#NerKondaPaarvai first half- the Tamil dialogues sound like a dubbed film (wish the writing department concentrate a bit there). Otherwise, good going do far

S Abishek: It takes something else to shed the ego massage and play to the story.
When somebody like #Thala #Ajith decides to let go all that and cater to the character description, that's brilliance.
#NerKondaPaarvai is authentic and genuine
One more half to go.
@thisisysr When the entire theater would look at opportunities to erupt for #Thala #Ajith - irukku, midpoint'la Oru periya sambavam irukku

Ramesh Bala: #NerkondaPaarvai 1st Half: @thisisysr BGM Thaaru Maaru..
@ShraddhaSrinath and #BiggBossTamil #Abhirami are fab..
Enough #Thala #Ajith all thru 1st Half..
A classy movie with excellent Mass moments for Fans so far..
General audience will be hooked to the drama

Kaushik LM: #NerKondaPaarvai 1st half - Gutsy decision by #Thala #Ajith to pick this film. He lets the story, the content & other key characters to stay in the forefront. Signs of his maturity and selflessness as a star actor
And YES, there are MASS moments for fans, from our lawyer
#NerKondaPaarvai 1st half - Well done #HVinoth A faithful, high quality adaptation of #Pink. We empathize with the 3 women -
@ShraddhaSrinath is terrific
Interval block and pre-interval sequence - tharamana sambavam
#Thala #Ajith sir - the calm before the storm

Review Ram: #NerkondaPaarvai (Tamil) - 3/ 5.
A fruitful remake. Good and strong content extracted well and delivered in a rightful way. Gutsy #ThalaAjith to take up this role and doing it to perfection, with just a couple of tiny commercial factors.
#NerkondaPaarvai (Tamil) - Appreciable work by director #HVinoth. A passionate remake with nothing much to complain about. Sharp dialogues, an ultimate action sequence etched within #ThalaAjith character space and a romance portion for relief.
#ThalaAjith screen space is minimal & he maintains things subtly till now (except for a mass action sequence which will be celebrated by fans). The stage is set, heated courtroom arguments are about to begin!
#NerkondaPaarvai (Tamil) - Interval -
#ThalaAjith screen space is minimal & he maintains things subtly till now (except for a mass action sequence which will be celebrated by fans). The stage is set, heated courtroom arguments are about to begin!
#NerKondaPaarvaiPremierShow #NKP
A very faithful remake of #Pink. The conflict builds in a steady and detailed manner by taking its own sweet time. Casting is apt and the leading ladies have done well.
'Neat and clear' so far.