Singer Neha Kakkar is currently one of the most sought after playback singer in Bollywood. She is now on the wishlist of several music directors. However, her personal life hasn't been all hunky dory. A video that depicts the story of Kakkars has been making the rounds wherein Tony Kakkar revealed that how his parents wanted to abort Neha Kakkar.

In the video, Tony narrates the story of Neha Kakkar almost being aborted by their parents and why it did not take place. "Halaat itne kharaab the, khaali khaali se haath the, Na zada pade likhe, bhole se maa baap the. Paise nahi hote the, raato mei wo rote the, Garbh tha giraana, par beete hafte 8 the, Garmi ka maheena, din tha 6 June ka, shaam dhal rahi thi janam hua junoon ka," Tony Kakkar narrates the incident in the form of a rap.

Reason why people talk about Neha Kakkar

Neha Kakkar and Aditya Narayan
Neha Kakkar and Aditya Narayan at GoaInstagram

She currently rules the Bollywood playback roost with an array of superhit songs including "Aankh marey", "Dilbar", "O saki saki" and "Garmi". Singer Neha Kakkar is not much bothered by negative comments coming her way as she says people criticise her because she is number one.

"Of course, I am a human being and I do feel bad about it, but after feeling bad I bounce back. I feel these people who are writing bad (things) about me are nothing but jealous people. They feel, ewhy is Neha here?' Jo number one singer hai uske hi baare main likhengay log (they will write about the singer who is number one)," Neha told IANS.

"So, I understand that -- I am number one that is why people talk about me and get jealous," the "Manali Trance" hitmaker claimed, adding she doesn't worry much about the haters as they are limited in number.

Neha Kakkar
Neha Kakkar.Neha Kakkar Instagram

"Jealous people are few, and lovers are like in crores," she said.

In a short time, Neha has become a queen of remixes. She has recorded superhit recreations like "Aankh marey", "O saki saki", "Ek toh kum zindagani", "Kala chashma" and "Tum par hum hai atke" among many others.

"I feel if it's a good remix then (there is) no problem, because it's done with permission. What happens is, initially people behave negatively and say, egaane ko barbaad kar diya (they have destroyed the song)'. Later, they enjoy listening and dancing to my song," she claimed.