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Neha Dhupia is currently facing the wrath of netizens for shouting at a contestant on MTV Roadies: Revolution (season 17) over her action against his cheating girlfriend.

The short video clip, which is now going viral on the internet, shows a contestant talking about how took out his anger when he found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him with five other men. The contestant said that he slapped the girl by making the other five men stand in front of them. However, it didn't go down well with Neha who is currently judging Roadies: Revolution.

"This thing that you are talking about slapping your girlfriend for dating five men simultaneously, just listen to me, 'its her choice'. Nobody gives you the fucking right to slap a girl," Neha Dhupia shouted at the contestant.

She continued, "May be the problem lies with you not with the girl. Agar wo waha jake cheat kar rahi hai to may be she was feeling threatened by you."

Her rant against the contestant and justifying that a girl can date 5 men at a time because its her choice, didn't go really well with social media users. They started shaming Neha for setting a wrong example in the name of feminism and many people even called her a bitchy hypocrite for calling herself a feminist.

Neha Dhupia
Neha Dhupia trolled for setting a wrong example in the name of feminismTwitter

"Dear ladies being a feminist and being a bitchy hypocrite are two different things. More power to you when you fight the patriarchy but not when you start acting like one. Is this what feminism means to you?" an online user questioned Neha Dhupia about her controversial statement.

Another user expressed his displeasure and wrote, "Just saw the episode of
ma'am being senseless. Boys are always not the culprit, if u have the audacity to talk about equality then girls can also be wrong same as boys. U lost a huge fan
not gonna watch it anymore. #Roadiesrevolution."

Neha was also slammed for being biased towards women when it comes to slapping a person. Social media dug out a video from the previous season of Roadies wherein a girl had said that she has slapped four guys and Neha was caught having a grin on her face.

Take a look at how people reacted to Neha Dhupia's rant against a Roadies: Revolution contestant.