Neeya 2 Full Movie Download
Raai Laxmi's Neeya 2.PR Handout

Jai and Raai Laxmi's Neeya 2 has been hit by piracy. The full movie has made it to torrent sites within hours after the Tamil flick had its first show on Friday, 24 May.

Neeya 2, which has Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and  Catherine Tresa in key roles, was billed as a spiritual sequel to the 1979 movie of the same name, but the latest flick does not have a revenge saga and revolves around a triangular love story. The romance is set in two periods and it is about a serpent in search of her man.

The movie has opened to largely negative reviews. Although the concept is good, the movie is failed in the execution part, say critics. The cinematography and music are the plus points in the movie which is let down by poor CG. Performance wise, Raai Laxmi has done a decent job.

With Neeya to being hit by piracy, it's fate at the box office is in danger as people might ignore the film and possibly prefer to watch it by downloading the pirated copies. 

Although the film industry and the central government's Department of Telecommunications have severe measures in place to curb such malpractices, movies are making their way to the Internet some way or the other.

Almost all big movies these days make it to the Internet within a day of release. Rajinikanth's 2.0, Vijay's Sarkar and Pongal release Petta have also been hit by piracy.

Vishal, the president of Tamil Nadu Producers' Council, has pledged to remove piracy from Kollywood and taken many measures to curb it, his attempts have failed to come to fruition as the people involved in the crime are finding new ways to upload the films online.