Director Hari Nath's Telugu movie Neevevaro featuring Aadhi Pinisetty, Taapsee Pannu and Ritika Singh in the lead roles has received mixed reviews and average ratings from the audience.

Neevevaro a crime investigating thriller, which is an official remake of Tamil movie Adhe Kangal. Writer Kona Venkat has penned the script for this Telugu adaptation, which has been produced by MVV Satyanarayana. The movie has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 138 minutes.

Neevevaro movie story: The film revolves around the story of blind chef Kalyan (Aadhi Pinisetty), who falls in love with Vennela (Taapsee Pannu), who comes visiting him at his restaurant. As the two make plans for their future, in a twist of fate, Vennela goes missing. As Kalyan tries to find her, many unexpected and shocking events unfold before him.

Analysis: The first half of Neevevaro runs on a slow pace and the story gains momentum towards the interval. But the story falls flat with some predictable scenes. The movie lacks thrills and chills, say the audience.

Performances: Aadhi Pinisetty has delivered a brilliant performance, which is the highlight of Neevevaro. Taapsee Pannu and Ritika Singh have done good jobs and their chemistry with Aadhi is among the attractions of the movie. Vennela Kishore and others have also done justice to their roles, say the audience.

Technical: Neevevaro has decent production values and good background score, beautiful picturisation, choreography of action and punch lines are the attractions of the technical front, say the viewers.

Neevevaro movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers response on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to see audience reaction.

Jalapathy Gudelli‏ @JalapathyG

#Neevevaro is a thriller with excruciatingly dull moments. Though the final moments are interesting, the twist can be guessed easily. Remake of Tamil movie 'Adhe Kangal', this falls flat. There are also silly prasa dialogues like 'Aa Vanka Ivanka'.

Hemanth Kumar C R‏ @crhemanth

#Neevevaro has been watched. @taapsee is a delight in the film and it's so much fun to see her play this role. But gotta of the film is devoid of any thrills....grrrhhhh


#Neevevaro One more break point for routine stories nd characterizations. @AadhiOfficial lived in role @taapsee showed her versatility to accept the role @konavenkat99 bring interesting concept on screen. @vennelakishore is relax point

Santosh‏ @urstruly_PKfan

#Neevevaro Mind blowing movie asalu Pichekkindi mottham @AadhiOfficial Anna!! You did a great job totally loved it Special Mention: @taapsee Great Performance. Your expressions were tooooo good And last but not the least @vennelakishore You are keka❤️ #NeevevaroFromToday


A slow first half, but picks up pace in the 2nd. A decent flick. Always like you as an actor @AadhiOfficial. @vennelakishore bhaiya, nuvvu topu bhaiya. CI avaleyvu kani, maa andariki nuvvu CK (Comedy King). @taapsee totally love your choice of roles. @konavenkat99 #Neevevaro

Karthik‏ @HeIsKARTHIK

#Neevevaro -- (2.25/5) DISAPPOINTING suspense Thriller While the 1st Half takes time with slow paced narration, the 2nd half totally looses d plot with BORING episodes in more PREDICTABLE way. In all, the movie FAILS to succeed in engaging factor as it is said in Routine way.

Sureshkumar‏ @sureshkumar_bh

Just watched #Neevevaro , brilliant performance by @AadhiOfficial and @taapsee and beautiful @ritika_offl . Everyone can believe it blindly that this movie is #superhit . @vennelakishore bhayya champinav po. Congratulations to @konavenkat99 and team.

Gnanodayam‏ @gnanodayam

2.25/5 #Neevevaro . My thoughts as the movie progressed went from good to average to poor to bad thriller. Second half is a mess. Cliched stuff

Kumar Sriramaneni‏ @KumarTV5Cinema

#Neevevaro One more break point for routine stories nd characterizations. @AadhiOfficial lived in role @taapsee showed her versatility to accept the role @konavenkat99 bring interesting concept on screen. @vennelakishore is relax point

Sirasri‏ @sirasri

Just saw #Neevevaro. Nail biting thriller. Everybody nailed it. Congrats @konavenkat99, @AadhiOfficial and @taapsee

Aarya Prasad‏ @Aaryaprasad

Just Watched #Neevevaro Premiere Show @AadhiOfficial Anna U Rocked it once Again Especially #Vizag Fight Scene @taapsee Ur Just Awsomeeeeee Congrats In Advance

Janasainikulam‏ @Noxaste

#Neevevaro A crime suspense thriller for telugu audience Awesome movie Second half adurs Music is superb Bgm is really awe New story new concept #aadipinisetty all over the movie #NeevevaroOnAUG24th

Rashmi @razhmi123

#Neevevaro Another thriller for TFI, more or less on the lines of Kshanam. Will it be appreciated by audience the same way or not is to be watched for. Aadi Pinisetty has proved his potential with some good roles in TFI off late and so did Tapsee.

Review Star‏ @ReviewStar1

#Neevevaro - 3/5. An Average Suspense Thriller. Plus Point-Lead Performers, Vennela Kishore Comedy, & Interval. Minus Point- Predictable Twist & Uneven Screenplay. Verdict: Not Up To The Mark!

Cinema Radar‏ @cinema_radar

#Neevevaro Movie Review - Mixed Bag #AadhiPinishetty looks Decent , some scenes are engaging , #TaapseePannu Performs well Weak Story , Predictable , Slow pace , First Half , lack of thrills #Neevevaro is Predictable Thriller - 2.25/5 #NeevevaroOnAUG24th

LokeshFan - NY‏ @LokeshFan

#Neevevaro Strictly Average stuff. #Neevevaro @taapsee crying scene in first half shows how poor she can emote even after several films. #Neevevaro @AadhiOfficial chose an average remake, is there one thrill in the thriller? #Neevevaro @vennelakishore gets weakest role in recent times

Sathvik‏ @svsrdy

#Neevevaro has a slick storyline but falls short of intensity during the pre-climax. @AadhiOfficial, @taapsee, and @ritika_offl were good in their roles. As expected, @vennelakishore stands out with a hilarious performance.

#Janasena✊ #Sarkar‏ @aaryanvarma99

#Neevevaro very interesting & a good thriller ! @AadhiOfficial you were awesome asusual ! @ritika_offl done a decent performance! And finally the main one @taapsee just killing performance that was! Your best till date! 3.5/5 Hit Flick!

Ritika Admirers‏ @Ritikaadmirers

#Neevevaro - first half engaging @ritika_offl is beautiful to her role. Will update full review after movie ends.

filmydosa‏ @filmydosa1

#Neevevaro no thrills no chills ..weekend trvtha without trace..2.5/5...