National Congress Party leader Sanjay Shinde died in a tragic accident on Tuesday evening after his car caught fire and burnt the politician alive. The shocking incident took place near the Pimpalgaon Baswant toll plaza when the car's electrical system malfunctioned.

Shinde was on his way to Pimpalgaon via Mumbai-Agra Highway when his car's wiring short-circuited. The short-circuit triggered the fire, which villagers said led to a highly flammable hand sanitizer kept in the car to catch fire.

Crime scene murder
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Shinde tried to break free

Shinde made attempts to break the windows but in vain. The fire spread quickly, jammed the doors and the NCP leader was burnt inside his car alive. The villagers also made attempts to save Shinde, called the fire brigade, but couldn't save the renowned businessman.

The fire brigade doused the flames and identified the deceased as Shinde.

Shinde was a well-known grape exporter in the Nashik district. He was on his way to buy pesticides for his orchard.