"NCIS" left its fans with a cliffhanger at the end of season 12, with a badly wounded Gibbs lying down on an Iraqi street. Most fans wondered if Gibbs would survive the attack, but the official word on the street is that the agent will live to see another day. When the series returns with season 13 and airs on Tuesday, 22 September, audiences will be privy to a largely different NCIS team.

In season 13, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is seen recuperating from the bullet wounds he suffered in season 12 finale. In fact, this is where the plot begins. The first half of the season will focus on Gibbs and his struggle with a new life. According to report, he has flashbacks and hallucinates about his deceased daughter, Kelly, his mentor Mike and several people from his life.

In the face of an incapacitated Gibbs, his team will unravel. Season 13 will capture the tension between the various agents as DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) takes the lead.

In an interview, showrunner Gary Glasberg said that Gibbs will face several dilemmas about his team members in season 13. These doubts will revolve around his leadership skills and whether or not his team is ready for any kind of adversary.

Glasberg further revealed that Gibbs' insecurities will cloud his relationship with Tony. The latter fails to understand where the boss is headed and often wonders if he wants to step into Gibbs' shoes.

Glasberg told TV Line, "We're putting together a really significant case later in the season that's going to sort of bring all this to a head. So is there an arc for the Tony/Gibbs relationship and Tony's place in the team? Yes. It's going to continue to evolve and Tony's going to really get wrapped up in something that I think is going to surprise people," reported TV Line.

Furthermore, Ellie Bishop (Emily Kaiser Wickersham) will face several problems in her marital life. Her husband, Jake Malloy (Jamie Bamber) is still hurt by his wife's decision to leave him in the NSA and join Gibb's team, according to Christian Post. The report further stated that Ellie's crumbling marital life will have an effect on how she is as an agent in the NCIS team.

With no significant leader to look up to, what horrors will the NCIS team face?

"NCIS" premiers on Tuesday, 21 September at 8pm on CBS.

You can watch the promo for NCIS season 13 here: 

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