A day after detaining him for questioning, Delhi Police on Wednesday confirmed that Rajendra Choudhary alias Raju was involved in the high-profile gruesome murder of former law-maker of Jammu and Kashmir Trilochan Singh Wazir.

The Crime Branch of Delhi Police has detained Rajendra Choudhary for questioning because, on the day of the crime, his electronic location was shown to be on the place of crime.

"We arrested accused Rajendra Choudhary alias Raju in Jammu, involved in the murder case of ex J&K MLC Trilochan Singh Wazir. He disclosed that four persons were present during the incident on September 3 where Wazir was shot dead," reports quoting senior officer of Delhi Police, said.

On Tuesday morning, Delhi Police detained Raju, from his in-laws' house in Jammu. Raju and other members of his family were disappeared after the team of Delhi Police reached Jammu.

During questioning, Raju revealed the name of another accused Balber Singh alias Billa of Preet Nagar area of Jammu. Within no time, sleuths of the Crime Branch nabbed Billa on late Tuesday evening.

Reports said Raju and Balbir Singh were reportedly in New Delhi and around the scene of the crime in West Delhi. The electronic location of Raju was shown to be on the place of crime on the day of the high-profile murder.

Sources said four teams of Delhi Police are working very professionally in Jammu to work out the murder. The two key suspects-Harmeet Singh and Wazir's friend Harpreet Singh Khalsa, who works with an online news portal, remain absconding.

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Wazir was given sedatives with water

As per reports, during initial interrogation both the accused revealed that Trilochan Singh Wazir was given sedatives with water.

During interrogation Raju told police that the murder took place on September 3 between 9-10 pm and before the murder, Trilochan Singh Wazir was given water mixed with sedatives. As the former law-maker fell unconscious after drinking water, which was mixed with sedatives, Harpreet allegedly shot him dead. The body was later thrown in the washroom.

Initial motive of killers was to kidnap Wazir

Initial investigation has revealed that the main motive of the accused was to kidnap Wazir and demand ransom from his family, but they decided to eliminate him after they found that he had transferred all his money to his family in Canada.

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During the investigation, the police found that Raju is a friend of Harpreet Singh Khalsa and used to work as a taxi driver in Mumbai. In August, Harpreet had called him to Delhi in the name of getting him some work.

"During questioning, the accused disclosed that they had earlier decided to kidnap Wazir for a ransom of Rs 2 crore, and when he reached Harpreet's flat, they offered him water, laced with sedatives. Rajendra was sent to Jammu to pick Wazir's luggage and he reached on September 3. Wazir was alive till then, but by that time, they all got to know that he had transferred all his money to Canada to his son's account. Following this, they decided to eliminate him," the reports said.

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"Raju said he was present in the house with Harmeet, Harpreet, and Billa and, after Wazir was shot dead, all four accused left one by one," reports said. Police claimed that Harpreet was the mastermind of this murder and had executed all things as per his plan.

In the initial investigation, it is understood that their plan was going on for about 45 days that they would call the Wazir to Delhi and killed him.

Wazir's decomposed body was found on Sept 9

The decomposed body of 67-year-old Trilochan Singh Wazir was found on September 9 in the washroom of the flat in the Basai Darapur area. His head was wrapped in plastic.

Harpreet Singh had taken this flat on rent. Police said that Wazir had come to Delhi on September 2 and had been living with Harpreet Singh and his friend Harmeet Singh since then. Both Harpreet and Harmeet are absconding and several teams have been formed to trace them.

Harmeet's 'confession' letter goes viral on social media

On Sunday, Harmeet Singh had 'posted' a purported confession letter on Facebook. In the letter, Harmeet claimed he had killed Wazir because contract killers had been hired to target him and his son. He also claimed he and the other suspect, Khalsa, were going to kill themselves. The police, however, couldn't catch him as he switched off his phone soon after posting the letter.