NBA 2K15
NBA 2K15 was released on 7 October, 2014.Twitter

An NBA 2K15 fan has been honoured by 2K by making him a part of the Dream Factory program and adding him in the game's free-agent pool. The said fan has been battling a debilitating disease.

This act of kindness has humbled the fan, Matt Simon, a high school student. He was seen standing with the 2K team with the full body scan suit.

"2K is fulfilling dream for @mattsimon2118 who's battling a debilitating disease. Look for him in #NBA2K15 today," said a tweet from NBA 2K15.

Players of NBA 2K15 will find him in the game's free-agent pool. He will be having his own motion-captured jump shot and face scan. His overall rating is 66.

Not only that, the company also set him up with a date for the prom, and let him hang out with Golden State Warriors cheerleaders.

This is not the first time that 2K has extended its kindness to people affected with life-altering diseases. Previously, it had included former Baylor Bears star Isaiah Austin into the game after he was diagnosed with a serious ailment and had to retire before he was drafted in the 2014 NBA.

Roster update

Operation Sports has shared a new roster update hat will see the return of DeMar Derozan and the addition of Matt Simon to the Free Agent Pool.

Attribute Updates

Miami Heat

  • Hassan Whiteside OVR 75 (+3)- Defensive Consistency +30, Offensive Consistency +30, Defensive Rebound +4, Quickness +20, Lateral Quickness +17, Shot IQ +17, Block +3

Los Angeles Lakers

  • Ronnie Price OVR 70 (+1)- Standing Three +15, Moving Three +13
  • Kobe Bryant OVR 85 (0)- Standing Layup -9, Driving Layup -6, Shot IQ +3
  • Wes Johnson OVR 74 (0)- Moving Three +7
  • Ed Davis OVR 78 (+2)- Box Out +8, Driving Layup +12, Standing Close +7, Moving Close +12, Post Hook +20
  • Jordan Hill OVR 77 (0)- Standing Layup -7, Standing Close -1, Post Hook +9
  • Carlos Boozer OVR 77 (+2)- Standing Mid Range +4, Standing Layup -11, Standing Close -8, Post Hook +8, Defensive rebound +18, Offensive Rebound, Box Out +10, Shot IQ +5, Offensive Consistency +5, Post Control +4
  • Jeremy Lin OVR 76 (0)- Moving Three +7, Standing Layup -11
  • Nick Young OVR 77 (-2)- Standing Three -6, Moving Three -4, Shot IQ -6, Moving Close -11, Standing Close -8, Moving Mid Range -7
  • Tarik Black OVR 72 (+3)- Offensive Rebound +13, Box Out +9

Locker Codes and Free VC Points

2K keeps giving out free Locker Codes, that helps players a great deal.

  • IWATCHEDNBA2KTV – Rewards 500 VC Points
  • PARKSWAG – Rewards 1000 VC Points
  • HEYGUYS – Gifts Hidden Item
  • MYSTERY – Rewards Mysterious Item
  • PAYRESPECT – Unlocks ABA Ball