NBA 2K15
NBA 2K15 was released on 7 October, 2014.Twitter

NBA 2K15's Xbox One version finally gets what was due, the patch 3, 2K Games announced on the official Facebook page post. The patch 3 was released initially to PlayStation 4 on 8 December, but was delayed on Xbox One.

Xbox One owners had to basically wait for a whole two weeks to get the update. The new patch brings improvements to face scanning process, MyPARK Championship experience; newer hairstyle, uniform and beards updates to the characters, updated head scans. It fixed many issues in the game like occasional hanging, splitting up to parties of the 5 when searching All-Star Team-Up game.

Several improvements, fixes and updates were also affected in the gameplay segment of NBA 2K15. The game now has better AI usage, it has addressed several cases of control unresponsiveness, moving screen violations frequency has been lessened, it also improves the logic and spacing for players.

Other changes and improvements are also introduced in MyCareer and MyLeague sections of the game. The appearance of the characters will also be changed with the patch 3 release. For full patch notes of the update go to IBTimes India.

Holiday In-Game Bonus

2K has offered NBA 2K15 players $20 Holiday in-game bonus from 19 December, 2014 to 1 January, 2015. However this offer is only for North America players, said a post on official Facebook page.

The bonus is open to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. Players will have to activate the in-game code that will activate the following for them:

  • 5 Holiday MyTEAM Packs with a chance at Silver, Gold, Onyx or Ruby player!
  • 10,000 VC to use to upgrade your MyPLAYER, MyTEAM, MyGM, and more!

Christmas Rivals Clash

Apart from the one above, there will be special Christmas Rivals Clash for MyNBA 2K the whole week until the 26 December, 2014 and all the cards will be special Christmas Day Jersey themed. There are a range of rewards for participants in the clash.

Mobile game

A new NBA 2K15 mobile game was released by 2K for iOS platforms. The game costs $3.99. It will be available until 5 January, 2015, says a post on the Facebook page.