NBA 2K15
NBA 2K15 was released on 7 October, 2014.Twitter

Since its release, NBA 2K15 has been bogged with issues from connectivity to Face Scans. But issues keep popping up for 2K's basketball simulation game. The latest to be reported is that its servers were down, leaving fans angry.

However, a Twitter post from Ronnie, senior community manager at 2K said the servers are stabilising, "Been told servers are stabilising by our online team. Thanks for patience."

Though the NBA 2K15 game status says all the online servers are up and running, many fans are still complaining of server issues.

The NBA 2K15 servers have been going off and on, garnering ridicule from players on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit forums.

Reddit forum members said that for some it got reconnected but others are still facing problems.

Here is a post by 2K Support that says the issue is being investigated, "The dev team is continuing to investigate the #NBA2K15 server issues. Thank you for your ongoing patience; we'll keep you updated." Let us hope that 2K keeps to its promise and fixes the issues.

Some fans have also called on 2K to fix the shoe glitch.

New Roster Update

Operation Sports has posted a new roster update that adds Tyler Johnson to the Miami Heat, Russ Smith to Memphis and it has also updated the injuries and the rotations in NBA 2K1.

Below is the new roster update:

Attribute Updates

Cleveland Cavaliers

  • Timofey Mozgov OVR 77 (+3)- Post Hook +10, Defensive Rebound +4, Offensive Rebound +2, Box Out +7, Post D IQ +9, Block -6

Charlotte Hornets

  • Kemba Walker OVR 82 (+1)- Moving Mid Range +5, Moving Three +4, Shot IQ +4, Defensive Rebound +6, Offensive Consistency +5

Denver Nuggets

  • Ty Lawson OVR 83 (0)- Moving Close -5, Pass Vision +5
  • Arron Afflalo OVR 78 (+1)- Standing Close -3, Moving Mid Range +5, Standing Mid Range +2, Shot IQ +5
  • Wilson Chandler OVR 78 (0)- Moving Close +7, Moving Mid Range -4
  • Jusuf Nurkic OVR 76 (+4)- Offensive Rebound +5, Defensive Rebound +7, Standing Mid Range +20, Box Out +8, Block +22, Post D IQ +5

Oklahoma City Thunder

  • Russell Westbrook OVR 92 (-1)- Moving Three -7, Moving Mid Range -7, Driving Layup -4

Golden St. Warriors

  • Stephen Curry OVR 93 (+1)- Moving Mid Range +4, Moving Close +5, Standing Layup +18
  • Klay Thompson OVR 87 (+2)- Standing Layup +3, Ball Control +5, Pass Accuracy +8, Pass IQ +9, Offensive Consistency +5
  • Draymond Green OVR 83 (+1)- Post D IQ +3, Help D IQ +5, Defensive Rebound +4, Pass Vision +6, Shot Contest +5

Washington Wizards

  • John Wall OVR 88 (+1)- On Ball D IQ +6, Help D IQ +8, Pass Perception +6, Defensive Consistency +5

Community Challenges Launched

2K's Facebook post has launched community challenges in NBA 2K15 MyTeam. "This weeks community challenge comes from Two Brothers Gaming. Take on some of Two Brothers Gaming's favourite players. You are going to need a deep bench in this marathon, single-game challenge," said the post.