Neo-nazi group march in Georgia town to mark Hitlers birthday

A shocking set of declassified documents from the CIA has revealed that the Nazis had built advanced flying saucers using alien technology during the reign of notorious dictator Adolf Hitler. As per the documents, an alleged flying machine capable of travelling at a speed of more than 2500 miles per hour was developed during the final days of World War 2. Even though CIA has marked the information 'unevaluated', the claims made in the documents are undoubtedly mindblowing.

A German engineer named George Klein was the first person who initially gave the hint of this alleged flying saucer to CIA officials. Klein claims that the Adolf Hitler led regime successfully tested the flying saucer in 1945. He also added that the flying saucer reached a height of more than 12400 meters within three minutes of its launch.

Klein shockingly claimed that the spacecraft was capable of reaching a speed of 2500 miles per hour which is three times more than the speed of sound. As per the German engineer, the flying saucer could take-off vertically like a helicopter, and had been in the developmental stage since 1941.

"Klein said he was an engineer in the Ministry of Speer and was present in Prague on February 14, 1945, at the first experimental flight of a flying saucer. Klein was of the opinion that the 'saucers' are at present being constructed in accordance with German technical principles and expressed the belief that they will constitute serious competition to jet-propelled airplanes," said CIA in the documents.

This is not the first time that unbelievable stories about Nazis are surfacing online. Previously, a section of conspiracy theorists sensationally claimed that Nazis are still conducting secret experiments in Antarctica. They even believe that a confidential military base exclusively dedicated to testing alien technology is being operated by Nazis in the South Pole, and the increased number of UFO sightings all across the globe is an indication that Nazi operations are going on in full flow.

Earlier, a section of other conspiracy theorists had alleged that Nazis had landed in the moon years before the American moon landing. Some people argue that Hitler might have escaped using the Bell time machine, and he had never committed suicide.