Nawaz Sharif
Nawaz SharifReuters

In a questionable move, security officials accompanying Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif  hauled a woman who took pictures of the Pak PM shopping at London's upscale store, Harrods, according to ANI.

The reports state that the woman was harassed by Sharif's security and was asked why was she present in the store without the presence of mehram (male companion). According to the Islamic Sharia, women folk must always be escorted by a male companion when she travels or shops.

"An acquaintance on a Whatsapp group found Nawaz Sharif shopping for Gucci shoes at Harrods. He got flustered when approached by Pakistanis. His security team stopped her and Harrods security took her phone away," tweeted Shoaib Taimur, a London based data scientist.

The woman was later taken to the Pakistan High Commission in London. The woman's cell phone was also taken away by the security team.

"What got to him was that people questioned his presence there. Why wasn't he in Pakistan?" he said.

Taimur tweeted a picture of Sharif shopping at the store, as proof.