Navya Swamy has posted a video with a message to the people, who have tested positive for Covid-19, to keep themselves away from negativity and to stay strong if they are affected by the deadly pandemic.

Navya Swamy
Navya Swamy], who tested positive for Covid-19 two days ago, has tried to lift the spirit of her fans who were worried over her health.Navya Swamy Instagram

The actress, who has tested positive for Covid-19 two days ago, has tried to lift the spirits of her fans who were worried over her health. "There is nothing to panic about, there is nothing to be ashamed of. I know people talk all bullshit, so please don't give your ears to all the rumours. Stay away from negativity please," she said in the video.

Positive Words
The Mysuru-born girl says, "Even at the worst case if you are tested positive there is nothing to be worried about. Stay strong, take it easy. All that you have to do is isolate yourself, stay away from people till that virus dies in you because that's the only way we're gonna break the chain."

The multilingual actress has said that she is taking proper medication and nutritious food to build her immunity. She continues, "The very next minute I was tested positive, I consulted my doctor and I isolated myself immediately. I am taking proper medication, proper supplementation. I am eating all the healthy and nutritious food to build my immunity. So I request all my friends who were in touch with me of late and all the people who were close to me in the past week to please isolate yourself or get the COVID test done if in case you see any symptoms as such."

Navya Swamy was shooting for her Telugu serial it was confirmed that she had tested positive for Covid-19. However, the actress, in an interview with The Times of India, stated that she was hurt with the rumours of her deliberately being a carrier "Come on, why would I do that? I had no symptoms while I was shooting and the moment I was suspicious, I got my test done. And how would anyone know where they have contracted the virus? Just because I'm tested positive, one need not create a lot of fuss about it," she claimed.

According to her, it is more of a mental fight than a physical battle.