Telugu actress Navya Swamy has tested positive for Covid-19 aka coronavirus. The actress, who was busy with the shooting of her TV serials, is now under self-quarantine.

Navya Swamy
Confirming the news to a daily, Navya Swamy has said that she had mild headache and tiredness for a few days, but she does not have any symptoms, now.Navya Swamy Instagram

Confirming the news to a daily, Navya Swamy said that she suffered from mild headache and tiredness for a few days, but do not have any symptoms, now. "Last night I cried a lot while going home and even until early in the morning. I couldn't sleep. My mom is still crying. My phone was busy; I was talking to a lot of people. My WhatsApp was flooded with messages about the symptoms, treatment and much more. It was chaotic. I was even feeling guilty that I put my co-stars and crew in trouble, too," the daily quotes her as saying.

However, the producer and her co-stars have given strength to her with positive words during this tough time. The Mysuru girl added, "They assured me that they are there for me. What else can I ask for at the moment? I and Ravi did a couple dance together for a show and I was feeling bad that I might have passed onto him. But he was like, 'you don't have to feel guilty, we are all in this together'."

Navya claims that they decided to commence the shoot despite growing cases of Covid-19 because of the competition in the television industry and need to deliver content to overcome the lull period in the market hit by the lockdown. "Since I earn my bread and butter from the industry, I couldn't be cocky and deny shooting. I was taking all the safety precautions but still, I contracted the virus," the multilingual actress claimed.

Navya Swamy
Navya Swamy.Navya Swamy Instagram

She is hurt with the rumours which claimed that she was deliberately being a carrier. The 30-year old had no symptoms of Covid-19 when she commenced the shoot.

Navya says that one needs to be mentally strong after testing positive. "I've realized that this is more of a mental fight than a physical one. So, I chose to be strong and fight it out. There is panic in my neighbourhood, too. Everyone's like 'don't touch that, don't touch this, don't come out, stay away from here'. Okay, I get the reality but it really hurts if you get treated like that. It is more painful than the disease,"