Navi Grewal

Navi Grewal a budding Indian entrepreneur and owner of Digital Marketing firm Ghost Media Pvt. Ltd, is working towards transforming the digital marketing world.

He claims he is the face behind promoting many hit Punjabi songs. The Chandigarh based digital marketing professional has as per him, grown his business digitally during pandemic. With revolutionized marketing concepts, he says he has helped startups, MSMEs, artists and Bollywood celebrities to connect with their audiences in the virtual world.

Learning the tricks of the trade through online courses, he says hebpaved his own path and became a reason for the growth of his clients. Evolving with the changing time, he claims he adopted the emerging trends of the digital world.

Commenting on the journey of his company, he says, "With nationwide lockdown, 2020 was an interesting year for entrepreneurs and companies to experiment their communication strategies. The world has increasingly been moving towards virtual communication and the digital ecosystem has acquired many new users, thereby making digital advertising perhaps one of the most effective mediums to reach out to their respective audiences. Despite initial setbacks, we saw digital marketing taking the center stage while allowing people to shift from traditional to digital marketing mediums."

Integrating the digital marketing approach, he says he helps brands rather than just drafting a nice-to-have strategy.