It might have been almost two decades since Ekta Kapoor gave us a character to obsess over but even after all these years, Kusum fame Nausheen Ali Sardar's fan following only seems to be growing with each passing day. International Business Times, India got in a free-wheeling chat with the actress.

Nausheen told us that though she did several shows after Kusum, none of it could match upto the love and hype that Kusum had. And that is something she doesn't regret at all. As after all these years, it's that show that has kept people loving and respecting her. Not the one to run after professional rivalry or making big bucks, Nausheen has said that her family comes before everything else for her.

Nausheen Ali Sardar aka Kusum
Nausheen Ali Sardar aka KusumInstagram

Talking about any strange or weird role that came her way, Nausheen revealed something which shook us too. The Kusum actress said, "I played a Marathi girl for five years of my career. I used to pray to Ganpati Bappa in the show.

I don't believe in religion but strongly believe in God

Off-screen too, I am a very religious person. I go to all the places of worship. I don't believe in religion but strongly believe in God. I believe in being a good human being and a spiritual human being. So at that time, nobody questioned me or my religion or gave me roles accordingly.

But, without naming anybody, I would like to tell you that I was selected for a couple of roles, where later on I was told that they don't want to take me because those were all Hindu characters. 'We cannot allow you to play a Hindu goddess', they said. And that completely shook me.

We are in 2020, buying or renting a flat in Mumbai and being turned down from a role because I am not a Hindu, has been the three things which have totally shocked me. My question to them always is, 'when did actors ever have a religion?' Actors don't have a religion. We are supposed to break all barriers."

Nausheen Ali Sardar
Nausheen Ali SardarPR Handout

She further added, "But when production houses come up with such things saying they can't allow me to play a Hindu deity because I am a Muslim, I think, that is the mindset that divides our country. It's sad and unfortunate.

I didn't know about any of this earlier. These problems have cropped up in the last few years. It's been three times that such roles came to me and then at the last minute things were changed because of my religion. Religion discrimination is only on television in today's times. It's not there on the big screen or else, the Khans wouldn't be at the top even now."

Moving onto a lighter note, on being asked about the man in her life and is there someone special, Nausheen revealed that there is no such person as yet. But, she is open to falling in love, being in a relationship and getting married.