Nausheen Ali Sardar
Nausheen Ali SardarPR Handout

Actress Nausheen Ali Sardar, known for shows like Kkusum, Beend Banoongaa Ghodi Chadhunga and Gangaa, says GST is creating a lot of problem for the entertainment industry, especially for artists and producers. In the upcoming Union Budget 2018, she wants initiatives and proposals for the development of TV industry.

"We actors and producers are the ones suffering a lot because of GST. So it should be reduced or removed all together. That is creating a problem in overall earnings of actors and producers. Moreover, it's not just a yearly headache, now it's a quarterly headache," Nausheen said in a statement.

"People think actors have it very easy but what they don't realise is actors don't have a steady income. Sometimes they work for a few months and sometimes they don't work for a year. So it's not like the money tree keeps showering money 24/7," she added.

The actress highlighted how high rent for houses in Mumbai has been a major problem for them.

"One big point the tax department needs to check on is rents in Mumbai. They are at its peak because after demonization the builders have taken a huge hit and so, many constructions have been put on hold or stopped altogether. So rents which were already very high have inflated further. Average rent in Andheri West is Rs 40,000. Rent as an expense is not in the right amount considering it's a huge expense for 30% of the population living on rent in urban areas," she said.

In the statement, Nausheen listed some of her expectations from the coming budget. Below are the same.

1) Would like to see a reduction in the tax rates for individuals. The common man lands up paying about 45-%50% taxes if one considers the GST on the goods and services consumed. The lower tax rate can be compensated by ensuring higher tax compliance to increase the base of taxpayers.

2) A higher allocation for education and healthcare.

3) We need to also ensure that farming is a remunerative occupation. Hence special attention to improving the condition of our farmers and rural economy.

4) Focus on employment generation for the burgeoning youth of our country. Important to ensure that the demographic boon of a young population does turn into an opportunity.