The residents in the downtown Nashville community woke up to what can be called the unfortunate and equally unforeseen Christmas morning. The gunshots startled the residents awake and when looked out of their windows, they could see a white, old motorhome parked on the street.
Following which, they could hear a woman's voice from the vehicle warning that a bomb was going to go off in 15 minutes.

When the recreational vehicle exploded, flaming pieces of debris, bricks, glass, went flying through the air, causing damage to several buildings in the area and injuring a few. While the ill-fated warning (which many residents later said sounded like an automated voice) came true, it also saved lives. Thankfully, police officers took the warning seriously enough and cleared the area. The three people injured in the incident have been rushed to hospital.


The hunt begins

Even as the residents continue to share first-hand information, law enforcement officials have confirmed to have found human remains in the vicinity. Metro Nashville Police Department Chief John Drake also said investigators have found tissue near the blast site. The explosion continues to be under joint investigation and remains a mystery so far, but Mayor John Cooper said the blast was a deliberate act.

And now the official Twitter account of FBI Memphis has called out the public for help in the investigation. "Seeking information concerning operator or owner of RV Linked to Explosion: The FBI, ATF, and MNPD are seeking information concerning the operator or owner of an RV that is linked to the December 25, 2020 explosion in downtown Nashville, Tennessee," read the post.

The statement further read: "The explosion has been linked to a recreational vehicle. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); the Metro Nashville Police Department; and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) are currently looking for information concerning the operator or owner of this RV, which arrived in the area at approximately 1.22 a.m. Central Time. In particular, individuals are being sought who were in the area of downtown Nashville around 1.00 a.m. Central Time. If you have any images, videos or other information you may have related to the explosion in downtown Nashville, please visit FBI Nashville."

The Metro Nashville Police Department has also shared the image of the recreational vehicle, seeking information.

Wait, doesn't Nashville have surveillance cameras?

The people and the community, still reeling under the shock, say they sould have the run the plate hours ago. "Don't you have a way to check street camera footage to identify where it came from originally?" questioned a user.

"There is more to the story since when prior to an explosion is there a mass warning to evacuate. It doesn't seem like the goal would be mass casualty," speculated another user.