Mars bird
ET Data Base

A bizarre image taken by NASA from Mars is now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. The picture that has now gone viral on the internet shows a bird-like figure flying in the Martian skies. A video featuring the image was originally uploaded to YouTube by a user named Sandra Elena Andrade, and it was later analysed by popular alien hunter Scott C Waring.

In a recent post on his website ET Data Base, Scott C Waring revealed that the appearance of a bird in a Martian image is a strong indication that NASA has never gone to Mars. The self-proclaimed extraterrestrial researcher also added that the United States space agency's Curiosity Rover might be there in the isolated Devon islands, and the government might be trying to fool the public by releasing images from the earth in disguise as Martian photographs.

"This is impossible, and yet, there it is...captured in a photo on a NASA website. Of course, it could be a UFO. Aliens like to use nature to inspire their structures and ships. But it looks like a soaring eagle...which if that's true, may mean one of two things...either animal exist on Mars or...and I hate this idea, but it needs to be considered...the rover might not be on Mars at all, but on Devon Island in Canada. Devon is a desolate island area with only a hand full of people and NASA has gone there many times to test the rovers in an environment similar to Mars," wrote Waring on his website.

However, a section of other conspiracy theorists argues that NASA has actually visited Mars, and this image is a proof of alien existence in the Red Planet. 

This is not the first time that Waring is alleging a space agency for conducting fake space missions. A few months back, when China landed its Chang'e-4 moon lander on the lunar surface, Waring alleged that the entire mission is faked by the Chinese space agency. In order to substantiate his claims, Waring also released a photo taken by the Chinese moon lander.

In one of the images released by Waring, a mysterious line can be seen drawn in front of the moon rover, and Waring raised the question that who drew it on the surface of the moon.