Prakash Raj
Prakash Raj has verbally attacked Narendra Modi after his interview with Swarajya magazine.PR Handout

Prakash Raj has slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his latest comment on the opposition parties getting united with the sole intention of removing him from power. He mocked the PM for crying foul when he was "abusing" anyone and everyone with opposing views.

"When you can spew hatred on leaders born before you ..when you can abuse anyone opposing you as anti nationals and animals...when you can inspire trolls and followers to unleash hatred blindly...WHY CRY FOUL SIR..#justasking [sic]," Prakash Raj wrote on Twitter.

In his interview with Swarajya magazine, PM Modi had slammed the opposition parties, which are trying to forge an alliance to come to power.

"Today, these alliances are not motivated by national good but they are about personal survival and power politics. They have no agenda except to remove Modiā€¦ In the Opposition, there is no Grand Alliance, there is just a grand race to be Prime Minister," Indian Express quoted the Prime Minister as saying in the interview.

"Rahul Gandhi says he is ready to be Prime Minister but TMC does not agree. Mamataji (West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee) wants to be PM but the Left has a problem. SP thinks their leader, more than anyone else, deserves to be PM. The whole focus is power politics, not people's progress," he added.

Prakash Raj has become a critic of PM Modi ever since his friend and journalist Gauri Lankesh was allegedly assassinated last year. He has slammed the PM, the BJP and right-wing politics at every given opportunity.

In fact, Prakash Raj had actively campaigned against BJP in the Karnataka Assembly elections in May.