Music director Devi Sri Prasad, who is grief stricken by the death of his father Satymurthy, has resumed his composition work of "Nannaku Prematho" and its audio is set to hit the stalls soon.

It was reported earlier that the audio of "Nannaku Prematho" would be released at a grand event to be held in Hyderabad on 25 December. But speculations went viral that the event would be postponed following the death of Devi Sri Prasad. It is also said the release of the film would be delayed.

It was rumoured that Devi Sri Prasad is yet to complete the composition of one song for "Nannaku Prematho" and its re-recording work was also pending. He needs some time to cope with tragedy, which would delay the work and its audio release. The makers were reportedly worried that the delay would affect its prospects.

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Devi Sri Prasad is not only a talented musician, but also a practical man. He understood the situation and he decided to resume work in a bid to avoid causing problems to the makers of "Nannaku Prematho". He has already started working on the composition of the last song of the film. Now, the music of the film is likely to be launched on the scheduled date.

Raghu Dixit, who is another talented musician from down south, was awed by Devi Sri Prasad's commitment to his work. The young musician wrote a lengthy comment about how an artiste has to be keep going despite facing ups and downs in life. He dedicated the last para of this lengthy comment to Devi Sri Prasad. The para reads as following:

I dedicate this note to the fantastic hit-machine of Tollywood and now a good friend, Devi Shri Prasad, who despite losing his father, the great Shri. Sathyamurthy, had to shut his grief out and continue doing what he does best - make hit songs simply because he could not back out from his commitment to get the music ready before the already-announced-date for the audio launch of Naannaku Prematho - which, coincidentally, means 'With Love to my Father'! May God bless his soul and give him strength to deal with his loss and I pray he gets time out to finally cry his heart out.

On 17 December, Devi Sri Prasad took to his Twitter handle to thank Raghu Dixit. Besides retweeting his comment, the musician wrote, "Thank U 4 d kind words Raghu sir..My Dad always says "Work 1st".. So goin ahead to keep up what he taught me!!"


'The show must go on' is a mantra that best fits artists. Time and time again artists face situations - an injury or ill...

Posted by Raghu Dixit on Wednesday, December 16, 2015