Nani and Naga Chaitanya

In a refreshing departure from conventional roles, leading Telugu actors are breaking new ground by embracing diverse parental characters on screen. The latest addition to this trend is Naga Chaitanya, who takes on the role of a young father in the recently released web series 'Dhootha' which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. This marks a significant shift in the industry, with actors like Nani, who first paved the way with 'Jersey,' finding success by connecting with audiences through heartfelt portrayals of fatherly relationships. Nani is set to continue this trend with his upcoming project 'Hi Nanna,' delving into the dynamics of a father-daughter relationship. Hi Nanna will be releasing on December 7 in multiple languages and expectations on this film are high. 

Young actors like Nani and Chaitanya are definitely changing the game, and it augurs well for the industry. This trend is a reflection of the increasing realism in Telugu films, as young men are marrying early and becoming fathers, making parenting roles more relatable to real-life audiences. Allari Naresh, another young hero, showcased his versatility by portraying a devoted father in his recent release 'Ugram.'

Hi Nanna

The decision to portray parental roles not only adds realism but also offers actors the opportunity to showcase a range of emotions and complexities in their characters. It is to be noted that after marriage, actors must navigate relationships with their on-screen spouses, children, and extended family, making the films multi-dimensional and sustaining audience interest.

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Ranbir Kapoor calls Animal 'A rated K3G'instagram

Looking beyond the Telugu film industry, here are some examples from other languages, such as Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan playing a father in 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' at a relatively young age, showcasing a similar inclination for exploring diverse roles. Telugu stars like Nagarjuna and Venkatesh have also successfully taken on fatherly roles in films like 'Santhosham' and the upcoming 'Saindhav,' respectively.

There is a need for Telugu heroes to move away from routine lover boy or college-going roles, which often result in predictable one-dimensional love stories. To keep the narrative fresh and engaging, heroes must incorporate new relationships into their films, showcasing their versatility and breaking away from clichés. The evolving trend promises a dynamic shift in storytelling, making Telugu cinema more reflective of the complexities of real-life relationships.