Nude scooter rider
Brandenburg Police

The police in Germany recently pulled over a man for riding a scooter without any dress. Upon questioning, the man revealed that he wanted to overcome the scorching heat in Europe which has already crossed 38 degree Celsius. However, the police did not allow his request to ride nude, and they ordered the man to continue the journey after putting on a pant.

The man's act also captured the eyes of environmentalists and weather experts. They believe that the scorching heat in Europe is something that should be addressed with prime preference, and if it remains unaddressed, things will go worse in the coming days.

German meteorologists had recently revealed that the temperature in Europe will surpass the 40 degree Celsius mark in the coming days. In the meantime, due to the increasing temperature, some schools in France have declared holidays. Authorities in Paris have also urged travellers not to use old cars, as heat waves aggravate the city's pollution rate.

Experts believe that the increased heat along with elevated humidity level is a lethal combination, and it will result in issues among people who already have underlying health conditions.

A few weeks back, professor Avi Loeb, the chair of the Harvard Astronomy department had claimed that climate change is one of the most serious threats humans should address with prime preference. The professor also warned that humans will kill themselves if they failed to combat this rising threat.

"The immediate risk is more self-inflicted wounds. The possibility that the climate would change as a result of human activity. And that if we don't get our act together we might actually kill ourselves. And so we have to be worried about that first, I would think," said Avi Loeb.