Nagarjuna, Tabu, Amala

From all the rumours and speculations of various love affairs down South, one that caught the whole nation by storm was the between Southern hottie Nagarjuna and versatile actress Tabu. Nagarjuna and Tabu's numerous public outings together further fuelled the speculations that there indeed was something brewing between the two.

Talking about Tabu in an interview with TOI, Nagarjuna had spilt the beans on why she would always remain his closest and how even the mention of her name lights up his face. Nagarjuna said, "Yes, Tabu is a fantastic friend of mine. our friendship goes way back, since I was 21 or 22 and she was just 16 years old. That's like almost half a lifetime... About our friendship, whatever said is less. I have nothing to hide about her. When you mention her name, my face lights up... (laughs). it is simple as that. Now, when I say things like that, if you want to read into it, then it's your point of view... To me, she is a beautiful person, and a beautiful friend. She always will be."

There had come a point when even Nagarjuna's wife had come out to address the issue indirectly. She told Mumbai Mirror, "When there are serious issues like the blasts and the flood affecting Mumbai, are people actually wondering about what's Amala's best friend doing in her home? It's really saddening. Nobody should bother what happens under my roof. I am happy."

Further talking about her friendship with Tabu, Amala had said, "I'm sure even she must be hurt, but we never discuss it. Tabu is one of the persons, besides Danny Denzongpa, my rakhi brother, from Mumbai who I am in touch with. And, yes, she stays with us when she comes here," she added.

Both Nagarjuna and Amala maintained that they do not discuss such things at home as it's below their dignity. "Yeah, I love my family. i don't think there is life without a family. for me that's the most important thing. My wife Amala is the anchor in my life. I don't think I can live without her, or do any of this without her. She is like my friend, my mother, my wife ' you call her anything and she'll be that for me. And I have wonderful sons. I am very, very proud of both of them," Nagarjuna had said. While Amala compared her house to a temple and said, "My home is sacred, like a temple. I don't allow anything unpleasant from the film industry to pour in, especially such filthy gossip. I don't encourage such talks."