Dimapur nagaland
A mob of thousands lynched a rape accused and beat him to death in Dimapur, Nagaland.Twitter/Chakravarty Sulibele

The Nagaland police have arrested 18 people in connection with the lynching of a rape accused to death in Nagaland's Dimapur district on Thursday.

As per Zee News, amidst massive protests against the brutal killing of the accused Syed Farid Khan by a mob, the police was successful in making the arrests with the help of mobile video clippings of the untoward incident.

Karimganj, the hometown of the lynched accused in Assam, witnessed massive protests after the body was flown there and security was tightened in the area.

Meanwhile, the lynched rape accused's brother told reporters that the medical examination of the victim reveals that the woman was not raped. "Nagaland police have said that the medical reports declare the woman was not raped," Jamal Uddin Khan was quoted as saying by NDTV.

Jamal Uddin Khan also added that his brother became a victim of a political plot. He also added that the mob broke into the prison cell with the assistance of the police. Adding another twist to the rape accusation, he said that the woman was in fact his brother's relative. "Is the Nagaland government running a jungle raj? The girl who filed the rape complaint was my brother's wife's cousin...," Khan said.

Meanwhile, the rape victim too has spoken for the first time since the incident and revealed that she was paid ₹5,000 to keep her mouth shut and not to make the incident public. "The accused person was my neighbour... It was only after the incident... he gave me the money to keep silent...I took the money and gave it to the police," the woman was quoted as saying.

Recollecting the night of the incident, the victim said there was another man involved in the crime. It was the victim's neighbour who had invited her for snacks in the evening but when she went there, she found Khan present there.

However, the neighbour assured the woman that she would be safe in his presence. But after some time he left her alone in the house with Khan on the pretext of meeting a friend.

Khan allegedly raped the woman twice. But reports suggest that the accused was detained without any medical proof of rape. The whereabouts of the woman still remains a question.

Police's claims that the lynched victim was an illegal Bangladeshi immigrant have reportedly been proven false.