Sourabh Raaj Jain and Ridhima

Actors Sourabh Raaj Jain and Ridhima Jain have been putting their best foot forward on the dance floor in Nach Baliye. From their power-packed Ganpati act to their tango, the jodi has been experimenting like none other on the stage.

This week we hear that the couple has a very interesting getup for their performance because of which it took them two hours to get ready. The make-up appears to be extremely elaborate and so do the dance move.

Talking about the make-up and their performance, Sourabh said on Instagram, "Makeup in itself is an art form and one which has such an important role in our upcoming dance. 2 hours of getting into the look, but oh what an outcome...and now revealing the dance form...this time we have taken on the challenge of Yakshagana, a folk dance form from Karnataka. Sharing a glimpse of what is coming up this weekend..."

The duo has been experimenting with various dance forms but this time around we hear that Ridhima had a massive chin injury a day before the technical rehearsals.

A source from the sets revealed, "During rehearsals, Ridhima slipped and hurt her chin badly. She was rushed to the hospital for stitches and had a lot of blood loss." However, we hear that being the tough fighter she is, Ridhima still managed to do her technicals the next day as well as performed on stage and that too a classical number this time around and ensured that their journey on Nach wouldn't suffer because of her injury."

Sourabh and his wife Ridhima have been really trying to push the envelope and break open their boundaries with each performance every weekend.