Sanam Johar with his Nach Baliye team

Actor, dancer and choreographer Sanam Johar who has been on various dance reality shows was also seen with his lady love Abigail Pande on Nach Baliye 8. While in the last season he was a participant in the show, this time he has taken up the challenge to choreograph an ex-couple on Nach Baliye 9. And oh boy looking at the heated arguments on stage between Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli, we must say its surely not an easy task!

In last weekend's performance, the duo was seen dancing with their legs tied by a band, depicting their conflicting relationship. Judges were so impressed with the concept of the act, that Sanam by popular demand was brought on to the stage and praised for thinking out of the box. In fact, actor Govinda who happened to be a guest on the show this week, couldn't stop raving about Sanam and even said, "Sanam bahut sufi type ka ladka hai and woh uske act main dikhta hai."

While it's difficult to get a real couple to match their beats, judges felt that Sanam has literally tied the ex-couple together and brought the intricacies of their relationship on to the stage, which is quite a challenge!

Sanam and Abigail had performed on hot air balloon for the premiere of this year's Nach Baliye. Talking about it, Sanam had said, in a statement, "Our performance had a hot air balloon as a part of it! After years of experience, I have reached a level of confidence. However, Abigail got a bit nervous as we had to perform with the hot air balloon being suspended from the top of the stage. I am sure that the audience will love our act more than the fun we had while performing"

Previously, the couple was seen performing on an LGBT act, which too was appreciated by everyone. Looks like Sanam definitely knows how to turn challenges that come his way into his strength!