Chinese seeds on American doorsteps
Chinese seeds on American doorstepsIBT

The United States of America is seeing a peculiar phenomenon on its hands. Residents across the country have been receiving seeds in their mailboxes, all the way from China. The Agricultural Department has told residents not to plant these seeds if received.

The seeds are turning up in unidentified packages, the US government has asked citizens to return them, lest they are an invasive species.

China refuses responsibility for the seeds

Even as the reports seem to be emerging from different parts of the country, of seeds in mailboxes, it is uncertain as to how they landed up there. Many of these packages received seemed to be sent via China post.

Incidents have been reported from all 50 states it was said. The department told Wish TV that so far they've received 'several hundred' such packages. The US Department of Agriculture said, "USDA is aware that people across the country have received suspicious, unsolicited packages of seed that appear to be coming from China. USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is working closely with the Department of Homeland Security's Customs and Border Protection, other federal agencies, and State departments of agriculture to investigate the situation," in their statement.

The department has further warned the citizens not to plant the seeds. Citizens are also instructed not to throw out the package either until they receive further instructions as there is a fear that they may grow if discarded incorrectly. 

Seeds in mailboxes from China
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These unsolicited packages seemed to pose a threat as an invasive species that could damage the current environment and agriculture in the USA. The USDA is conducting investigations into the seeds to see if they are more than just a 'brushing scam'. 

China, however, has denied anything to do with the events. The Independent reported that China Post does not allow seeds to be conveyed via post. The labels too were found to be fake layouts, and China Post has asked US Post asking to send the mail to China to investigate. 

Seeds in mailboxes
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