A massive search launched by the Police in Jammu and Kashmir's Ramban district for the last six days to trace the "missing" Lucknow family was finally stopped this afternoon as the whole episode was turned out to be the gruesome murder of three members by own blood relation.

The main accused in the gruesome killings is Sarfaraz Khan, the elder son of the family who allegedly killed his father Mehmood Ali Khan, mother Darakshan, and younger brother Shavez for the property.

The concocted missing story was floated by none other than the accused himself just to mislead the police. Sarfaraz Khan floated the missing story a week after killing his family members by slitting their throats.

Lucknow family
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Sarfaraz Khan killed his father, mother, and brother on January 5

The family was scheduled to visit Jammu and Kashmir on January 6 as the mother of Sarfaraz Khan belonged to the Ramban district of Jammu province.

As relatives were very much aware that the family was going to Ramban on January 6, Sarfaraz made up his mind to kill his father, mother, and younger brother.

Quoting senior officer of Uttar Pradesh Police, local newspapers of Lucknow reported that Sarfaraz was joined Anil Yadav, who works in Baikunth Dham, and on the night of January 5, mixed 90 sleeping pills in lentils and fed them to his parents and brother. Then after everyone slept, sanded everyone's neck on the bed itself.

Bodies threw in different locations to mislead police

The body of 26-year-old Shavez was found on January 6 from Itauja area. Two days later, on January 8, the body of Mehmood Ali Khan was found in Malihabad and then on January 13, Darakshan was found dead in the mall area.

All of them were killed by slitting their throats. In the investigation of the police, the relationship between these three was revealed in the address, it was found that the three who died are the parents and their sons.

Sarfaraz reaches Jammu after committing the heinous crimes

According to UP Police, after carrying out these heinous massacres, Sarfaraz went to Jammu on January 13. He messaged via WhatsApp from his father's mobile phone on 14th January morning to give an impression that they were trapped in landslides on Jammu-Srinagar national highway near Ramban. He even posted some pictures of the highway with landslides.

Sarfaraz later returned to Lucknow last week and informed all relatives that his parent and younger brother were missing after the landslide on Jammu-Srinagar national highway.

Lucknow family
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Misled by accused, Ramban Police starts search operation

Believing in the misleading story of the accused, Ramban Police had launched a wide-scale search operation to locate a Lucknow family believed to have gone "missing" along the Srinagar-Jammu highway at Ramsau, since last Friday morning.

SSP Ramban Mohita Sharma was supervising the entire operation. Even as the Ramban Police and their counterparts in other districts continued the search operation with all sincerity, it has now turned out that it was brutal murder executed by the elder son of the couple. The family was never on a tour of Jammu and Kashmir.

Case solved after Ramban Police share pictures of missing persons with Lucknow Police

According to reports, the sensational murder case was solved when Ramban Police shared pictures of missing persons with Lucknow Police, which had already received their bodies from different locations.

After speaking to SSP Ramban, Lucknow Police reached the house of Mehbooba Ali Khan, it was during the interrogation there that Sarfaraz, the elder son of the deceased, was suspected. When Sarfaraz was strictly interrogated, the whole matter was exposed, after which the police arrested the accused Sarfaraz and his accomplice Anil Yadav.