YouTube: UFO Seekers

Popular conspiracy theory channel 'UFO Seekers' has uploaded an eerie video recently which shows mysterious object blazed with fire breaking apart over California in the night time.

"The weird thing was I was hearing these vibrations. So we parked the car and as soon as I got out, looking towards Los Angeles, something was breaking up. No explanation," said the eyewitness in the video.

The video soon went viral, and viewers of the conspiracy theory channel put forward various theories explaining the strange sighting.

Some of the viewers argued that the object spotted in the video could be a malfunctioned alien UFO that entered the atmosphere. Some other conspiracy theorists claimed that the bizarre fire streaks might be indicating the arrival of Nibiru, the alleged rogue planet that will bring apocalypse on the planet.

As per Nibiru believers, the arrival of this giant Planet X could result in the raining of Sulphur meteorites. However, these conspiracy theorists failed to provide any proof to substantiate the Nibiru theory.

But some viewers put up a convincing explanation for the eerie sky sighting. They believe that the raging fireballs in the skies could be the debris of the Russian Soyuz rocket that malfunctioned en route to the International Space Station (ISS).

However, conspiracy theorists are not convinced with this explanation, and they strongly speculate that something sinister is going on in the skies.

"Everyone is stating with absolute certainty that this is the Soyuz that made an emergency landing - but is failing to think it through; the Soyuz aborted and landed only ~250 km from where it launched, on the other side of the planet. Whatever this object/objects were, they were burning up as they entered the high atmosphere and created a large debris trail than the Colombia shuttle disaster," commented Mendax Venandi, a YouTube user.

"This honestly looked like more than one object, because within the streaks of light more lights would appear and shoot towards it. you don't have falling debris regain speed to catch up with the other pieces the way we saw it," commented Wendy Marin, another YouTuber.