UFO China
Bannedbook.org/ET Data Base

Popular conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed alien researcher Scott C Waring, on his website ET Data Base, has now shared a creepy video that shows some mysterious UFO lights in the skies of China. The story about this creepy sky sighting was initially shared on the internet by a Chinese website named 'Bannedbook.org', but it gained popularity only after it was shared by Scott C Waring.

In the website post, Scott C Waring revealed that several bright lights, possibly multiple UFOs, hovered in the skies of Beijing in night skies. The self-proclaimed alien researcher also made it clear that the UFOs not only appeared in the skies of Beijing but also in other regions of the country.

"The lights caught the attention of most of Beijing, but it was seen by people that were 100 km away! That means the UFOs went to many locations, not just over Beijing. The light is lumpy and contained. That means its not a spotlight from the ground. A spotlight would spread the light evenly in all areas and cannot make lumps like this in the clouds. The lights suddenly appear as a group of spots, and then spreads into a plurality of spots, and moves quickly, sometimes ring-shaped, and sometimes resembles a pattern, and sometimes becomes another irregular pattern," wrote Waring on his website.

As the video uploaded by Waring went viral on the internet, many people have started arguing that this UFO sighting is authentic proof of alien existence. These alien buffs believe that extraterrestrials from deep space used to visit the earth to monitor human activities.

Interestingly, the shape of the UFO that appeared in China seems very similar to the unidentified flying object that appeared a few months back in Baji California. The clip from Baji California was uploaded to YouTube by Tyler Glockner who runs the YouTube channel 'Secureteam10', and the conspiracy theorist revealed that eyewitnesses had live-streamed the UFO sighting on Instagram.

However, experts have dismissed the alien connection associated with these sightings, and they claim that it might be spotlighted on the ground which is often misinterpreted as UFOs.